A morning in the life of a corporate slave

G'day all!

There is absolutely no knitting content in this post at all, unless you count this mention of the sassy stripe sock.... so if knitting is what you crave, I fear you must look elsewhere!

Just for something different, I decided to blog you my trip into work yesterday.

Here we are, in the car, driving at 50kmh up the road towards the freeway:

You can see that sunrise is on the agenda. It is about 7:30am.

This was a freaky cloud so I took a picture of it. Excuse the rather stumpy digitus impudicus.

Here we are at the station (no pics of the short trip along the freeway cos it would've just been of the back end of a burgundy truck). Note that the sun has risen as I await the 7:49 train to the city:

My train arriveth. This is an older (say 3 years old) train that has been refurbished from the old Comeng trains. These trains are lethal in hot weather if the aircon isn't working. Ask me how I know.

Crossing the Yarra at Heyington. One of my fave views, even if I can't get a good shot of it. 'Scuse the blurry marks on the window....

And here we are crossing the Yarra and looking back towards Flinders Street Station and the city from Southgate (cunningly on the south side of the Yarra). I love the Yarra no matter what people disparagingly say about it flowing upside down (it has a clay base and when it is flowing well it goes a funny brown colour):

A glimpse of my work building:

Another little hint (check the left hand corner - didn't even realise it was in shot cos I was taking a shot of the beech tree and the immigration museum (was a customs building handily close to the Yarra):

A view out the window. Pity that I face away from the window and have a partition stopping me from seeing it.

So those are the highlights in the morning in the life of a corporate scrubber. I've plenty more pics of various things around the Yarra to show you but I reckon that is enough for you to go on with. No I didn't take a pic of my desk. I totally forgot to.



  1. Enjoyed your photo essay of you trip to work. I also love all the new yarn and roving . Can't wait to see all the spinning progress.

  2. The Yarra looks like a millpond in the photos, reflecting that lovely clear strong light you seem to have even in the depths of your winter! If I took similar photos here at the equivalent time of year they would turn out dreary :-)

  3. Nice pics. I want to go there. And I want to see the sassy stripe sock!!!


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