El quicko and craft night

G'day all!

Feasts and famines - that is what it is like with me and blogging, particularly pics....

Last night was the main SnB night. We had quite a few newbies show up after the group was mentioned in the Age. Hooray! A day after the article was published, we had 19 new members. One of them spammed us - I hope the list mum reported her for spamming, not just banned her. We should have more members now :-)

Tonight was my local little craft night. A group of us get together and craft in our own ways. There were four people knitting tonight!

Well after the triumph of the sassy stripe socks, which I wore last night and someone picked up the broadripple pattern, I have put Nathan's sock back on the needles. It is almost at the heel stage - a short row heel. Then I get to do 5" of 1X1 rib for the cuff. Joy!

The Vogue jacket continues apace! I am now halfway through the armhole shaping of the back. hooray! If I take a pic it will look like a back!

Now just to keep you occupied, did you know:
In Jamaica (no she went....) that it is illegal to buy, wear or sell camoflage clothing?
that indecent language can lead to arrest? And don't go in the nuddy outside designated areas for the cells can get awful cold....

That if you go running with the Bulls in Pamplona in Spain, your insurance policy may not cover you for any injuries you receive? (like duh!)

I get travel advisories from the Oz Govt Dept of Foreign Affairs cos I work in insurance policy/training and knowing where they are saying people shoud not go is handy. BTW, Canadians, maintain the rage because Australians have been advised to take extreme caution in Canada - you never know when that evil snow will get you or the volcanoes in BC or maybe a pickpocketer in a big city, maybe even a terrorist! Talk about the most pathetic travel warning. But have we got one for the US? NOPE! Cos we brown nose up the US's butt.

on that charming note,



  1. Er - why is Canada dangerous?! Next thing you know it will be being featured on the new series of "Holidays in the Danger Zone" (which was a real UK TV series, follow-up to "Holidays in the Axis of Evil" - North Korea was a real hoot (not)). Methinks someone is overreacting just a teeny bit there! I'm surprised they don't have a travel advisory for the UK - "can be cold, wet, and windy with the possibility of local flooding, or droughts if you live in the south east" etc etc :-D

  2. Is this still a SARS thing? If so, WOEFULLY out of date.

    How about one for Lismore - just about to meet friends who fled the area hours before the floods - they have a macadamia farm up there but sensibly live most of the time down here.

  3. Yes you have to beware of those Canadians! I have read they make the best husbands ;) lol..

    I would love to go to Canada one day just not in their freezing winter ;)


  4. haha! I can't believe they've got a travel advisory about Canada. That is pretty funny...I wonder what prompted that? Your pink top was really cute - the pictures looked good but I know how pics can somehow hide things that would drive you nuts (like bunching) so I can understand the ripping. anyhow, have a great weekend! :-)

  5. Oh they're so way off. It's not Canada you have to worry about. Sure the snow is bad, but we Americans have hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and crazy conservatives you have to worry about!


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