Conspicuous part two

G'day all!

I promised more pics of my consumer rampage on Sunday. Not many more to go though cos I got bored with taking one by one photos and did a couple of piles of tops. I was going to post them last night but Real Life (tm) got in the way and we went and did the grocery shopping for the first time in two weeks instead. I have to say that I feel a lot more secure about our toilet paper situation now. I nearly didn't though cos they didn't have any recycled toot roll on the shelves cos it was on special. However with Nathan being so tall, when I spied two last six packs on the very top of the stock shelves, he was able to snaffle us one.

Thinking of six packs, here's a great Homer Simpson line: "Everyone's got six packs except for me. I got a keg!"

So here are the last little bits I bought on Sunday:

Yep, that is 8 X 100g (or more) balls of merino tops. In yankee terms, that is about 32 oz of prime merino. Make it an even 2lb. Total cost to me? AUD36. Man, I love me a bargain! Me and another girl were basically grab-grab-grabbing stuff from under each other's noses. I got the violet and hot pink she wanted and she got the multi-pinks and one other that was totally yummy that I liked. We didn't want to swap cos we both wanted all of them, so fair enough, two for you and two for me.

BTW, for anyone who is interested, 50g (a bit under 2oz) of merino costs around $3-5 here, depending on quality, supplier and whether or not it is dyed or blended with other stuff (eg silk). The Polwarth tops I got were $6.80 for 100g, or $8.80 for the dyed tops.

Thinking about conspicuous, did I tell you about the wo-man I saw on the train a week or two ago? Imagine a morning peak hour train carriage fairly well packed full of workers on their way to work. 99% of them are wearing black suits and winter coats, the uniform of the Melbourne corporate slave. Then there is me in my fuschia winter coat and fruit tingle coloured hat. But I wasn't the one who didn't fit in the most, for once. Imagine one person sticking out like a sore thumb, dressed in rolled up jeans with a pink midriff top and long blonde tipped hair flowing down her back. Talk about stand out from the crowd! I don't think she had gone very far down the gender reassignment trail. Far enough that she was body/leg hairless (cos there was a LOT of leg and belly on show and she was definately showing it off) but she was sorta lacking other lady things.... Her feminine habits, with knees clamped together when she sat down and the hair flicking, were at odds with the big masculine hands and her craggy face. At around 6'4" she stood out from the crowd in more than one way. All power to her. Hope she finds what she craves.

Now if I get off my butt tomorrow and don't succumb to the lure of the Polwarth tops, like I did tonight, I might blog you a day in the life of a corporate slave as she travels into the city and wanders around at lunchtime. Or it could be a good start to the Melbourne and travels blog I will start soon. Honest!



  1. ooooh so pretty..I just want to touch they are lovely and soft ;)

    It somewhat amuses me the really Tall men that try the whole gender change thing. The shorter ones might get away with it. The tallers ones really stand out though.


  2. Toilet roll - do not make the mistake of thinking a six-pack of this stuff is a lot. In This House we have Someone who ensures that we always have something like 20 rolls in the cupboard at any one time! Either there is going to be a severe shortage of the stuff, he's planning in case there's a war, but at least we will never run short ...

    I definitely want to see your lunchtime wanderings/journey to work pics, there is indeed something fascinating about seeing other people's environs, especially on the other side of the world.

  3. Wow, that is some fiber haul!!! Have fun with it, it looks very soft. I don't even know what to say about that 6'4" person - Wow!

  4. makes me think of an aerosmith song "dude looks like a lady". mannish hands and craggy face. goodness, makes me think of john lithgow in the world according to garp. gee, i'm thinking too much, it must be late, (and it is, i'm going to turn into a pumpkin now.


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