youtube is a god

I kid you not.

I suddenly felt badly in need of a certain bit of music. I know I have it at home. Home is a very long way away. I know I would be highly unlikely to be able to get it here. Getting Oz music here, at least from the libraries, is difficult.

Ah, youtube! You hero!

A nice bit of Reckless. Ah.... (for non-Aussies and Kiwis, you might wonder what the fuss was about but this song was top of the charts for 10 or 12 weeks in '83. And no I can't work out what all the words are either - Kurt Cobain wasn't the first to have bad diction and incomprehensible lyrics and won't be the last.) Now maybe a bit more Oz Crawl, followed by some Hunners and a bit of Midnight Oil jump up and down like a goik and head bang a bit (but you probably need to be an Aussie or a Kiwi to know what I am talking about). Yeah.... Nice old music, angry music some of it, calm music some of it, music of a bygone era, music from when I was growing up, music from before job stress, parents dying, responsibility, all that sort of crap.

Wonder how long it will be before Flash crashes my browser?



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