G'day all!

What odd weather we are having here! 18C (mid 60s F) and humid. Just a bit warm for a jacket but too cool without one, but as soon as one goes for a brisk walk (pulling a hand cart full of vegies from the farmers' market) one breaks out into a sweat. Ick. Now it is drizzling.

So on Friday, I pulled the sock for May.

Just to show you it was all done properly, here's the loaded trolley:

And the arm pulling out this month's PSC baggie:

(I guess that is a plug for the Tattered Cover but anyone who lives in Denver, likes books and does not go to the Tattered Cover needs their head read. Great bookshop!)

and the lucky winner:

REDHEART!!! Heart & Sole to make some Rainbow socks. Except I have to do them toe up and magic loop, neither of which is written into the pattern.

How I modified it so far. Magic loop means the start is confusing. Especially if one insists that the start of the round is The Start Of The Round And Can Never Be Moved. So I knitted to the centre of the round plus one, did my wrap and turn, then followed the pattern. I knitted the short row heel across 60% of the stitches.

Within a day (despite taking an hour to work out how to do the pattern) I had almost turned the heel. So far I've gotten this far:

I have to fix up the way I am doing the short rows in this sock cos you can see the wraps. I have to be more careful with where the wraps sit on the needles.

I might have finished the thing except I got distracted by this month's shop sample.

It is a Lorna Miser pattern Meets in the middle chevron shell knitted in a worsted weight hand-dyed cotton that is exclusive to my LYS.

Other than that, things are trundling along ok. I reallllly want my chiro to come back from maternity leave cos I need some good crack! The person stepping in for her didn't give me the boost I get when the chiro has fixed up my bendy body. It is nearly two months since my appt and oh I need to get some energy back instead of fighting a body that is Not Quite Right. But I don't want her to come back and get all stressed when she needs to be looking after her baby.



  1. Oh the Rainbow socks, I made almost one of those but I am just not a short row person and all the wrap lumps annoyed my feet!! Love the Mitred thingy. It looks fascinating. Hope your body is chiro-ed soon!!!

  2. Lovely socks. I'm enjoying seeing you sock club :)


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