Warning warning! FO ahead!

G'day all!

I finished my robot monster bag. Warning! Warning!



Fear the robot monster! (even in blurry shots)

He has a zippered compartment on his back and on his head.

After wearing him today, his head has gotten a little floppy. I guess I can either sew it to the straps (more sewing through cordura bias binding! Argh! My fingies have not yet forgiven me! Oh and most metal thimbles are too small for my fingers so they are not helpful.) The head pocket is pretty small - it is only meant for little things like keys and batteries. The body pocket is large enough for my wallet, a sock/one ball project, a bag of Corn Thins, a foldy bag and say a book. It isn't very big. He wasn't uncomfortable either, which is a nice change! Details on Ravelry.

Anyway, we've done the Maker Faire again. It was not as GEE WHIZ as last year cos we knew more what to expect and also there was a lot of LED and arduino stuff there. Like LOTS. Along with experimental music stuff. LEDS are pretty but a lot of people seem to be having the same ideas with them. It felt like there was less crafty stuff for some reason, maybe because the Craft mag folded when the Make people couldn't keep up with it.

(rant about husbands who need to be on leashes at the Maker Faire deleted)



  1. At least this year you knew husband was there! (-:

  2. Love the Robot Monster :-)

  3. Awesome monster :)

  4. "Danger Lynne Robinson,Danger Lynne Robinson!!" And lots of frantic arm waving and twirling and flashing lights!! It's fabulous!!!


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