Hooray, May is over!

G'day all!

Here's to June!

May is not my favourite month. I've said that plenty of times before. Back 'ome, May is when winter can make its first appearance for the year. The days have shortened off and it can get cold (ok, the temp rarely dips below freezing and I am talking about the overnight temps here). But worse, May is the Deathiversary month for both my parents.

Yesterday was a bad day, always is. I thought the Maker Faire would be good but with a husband acting like a hyperactive overstimulated child it was rather annoying.

Plus something has come up Back 'Ome that I've responded to with a sense of abandonment. Actually two things. A couple of people have done stuff I didn't really expect and suddenly I am five (six, seven, eight, nine, ten, all the way to my late teens) and feel left out/unimportant again. Obviously I am not as over the past as I thought! I guess it is one of the dangers of being far away - out of sight, out of mind. Things have changed Back 'Ome in the nearly two years we have been away, and we are not part of those changes. We've changed too. Nathan has matured somewhat and I've turned into (even more of) a hermit.

And I seem to have lost my latest lot of knitting with the project bag that was my favourite. D'OH! Tomorrow I have to go see if it was handed in to the apartment managers here or the Caltrain. So no photos of it! It was pretty. Very pretty. I shall tidy up again tomorrow and see if it doesn't turn up but it seems unlikely at this stage. I'll check under the car seats too - I was lazy and took the car to the station instead of the light rail cos if we took the car we'd get to the faire a whole hour earlier - the Caltrain only runs once an hour on the weekends, even on days with big events like the Maker Faire. And gosh it was getting pretty full!

That's my rant.

I'd better get wriggling with all the trip photos that I have not edited. I am soooo behind. There's even pics from Yosemite in January, plus a bucketload of other old ones, not just the Easter trip and the Shasta trip to edit and stick on Flickr yet. Mebbe I'll eventually blog them too. Do not hold your breath! I would be sad if you were long dead and buried waiting for me to get the thousand pics edited.

I look forward to June. Tomorrow is 99c day on (x colour - pupo?) at Savers. Maybe they will have restocked on brightly coloured tshirts for my rug. Or I could go to Beverley's and see if they accept Joann's vouchers (I think they do) and get some new blades for my rotary cutter along with some extra material for the quiltalong I joined and am already running late for. I am supposed to have 12 different half-yards of material and I only have six half yards that sorta work together. Retail therapy is bad. I am naughty. At least I can use six half yards of what I have!

ETA - must link this. FMyLife. Oh dear it is funny! And sometimes sad and tragic. When I am feeling a bit down, this page has me in stitches within seconds. Apologies to those who write the stories but some of them will make great stories for the grandchildren/nieces nephews....



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