Move along vII

G'day all!

We are back from our trip around NorCal. Very pleasant, thank heavens we only took 800 photos and vids, mostly crufty so I don't have to worry about putting them on Flickr!

So I get back and write up my list of classes I would not mind doing at the Sock Summit.

After all that planning, poor Steph and Tina are dying cos the site crashed 5 minutes after it opened. I know it is embarrassing but it is NOT the end of the world. Really. It is a hiccup, a bump along the way. It isn't life threatening.

Feel the power of knitters, foolish mortal geeks!

As DH points out, knitters are supposed to be patient. HA! Impatient, desperate MUST GET THAT PRIZE NOW GEDOUTTAMYWAY!

Hmm, from the chat on Ravelry I am unlikely to get into any of the stuff I'd like to do. Ah well. There might be next year but I can also just go and hang out in the market place. I'd like to see the luminary panel on Sunday, unlikely to get into that too by the sounds of it. No, no I do tell a lie, out of about 10 things I would like to do, I can get into the luminary panel cos there are a THOUSAND tickets for that.

Anyway, I have wanted to go to Portland for some time. If we take the train up there and have Saturday and Sunday and half of Monday, that will be good. Hopefully DH's friends there can show us around some again or if it comes to it we can hire a car.

ETA - got into a class I really wanted to do. Am happy now. Sunday is wiped out.

Knitting news? Umm, well I started making a sock out of some yarn I was gifted and well let's just say the yarn wants to be something other than a sock. No matter what pattern I thought up, it did not want to be knitted that way - it has some terribly ugly striping going on. The yarn has three colours in it and one side of the foot is one colour and the other side is the other two colours. I can shift that a bit but it isn't working for me. Maybe I'll make sideways socks out of it - that might work! Only I have to find a nice pattern. I should just cave and buy that making socks with handpainted yarn book.

Oh and I am making a robot monster out of a new (to me) Noro yarn in lurid colours. I plan to turn the monster into a back pack. Best get wriggling with it cos I want to have him done in time for the maker faire this weekend. Whilst we were away, a waitress came and asked me what I was knitting - it was so pretty! Umm, a robot monster. It's going to be a bag. Just as well we were in a hippy town then cos I only got a strange look not a OMG this person is WEIRD!

Ah, I should be posting another macro shot but given I have NO guesses at all from last week, I figure I am making this stuff waaaaay too hard, mebbe making me look like a smarty-pants, mebbe I should give up. I had ideas that it would be fun and lots of people would join in but I guess not. Gosh how completely manage to get things wrong!



  1. Sorry I didn't have a clue what your picture was the last couple of weeks! Glad to hear you got into one of the classes you wanted to get into.

  2. So you're going to the Sock Summit. That's in Toronto, innit? I'm going to be in Montreal that weekend. (Trudi wonders if there's any possibility of catching up.)

  3. Ooh, what class did you get into? I missed all the ones I wanted. But I did manage to get a Luminary Panel spot.

  4. Cool!! I read about the manic Sockfest thing. My word some people have too little to worry about!! Glad you ahve a class!!


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