Winnah! And an FO

G'day all!

In our first prize draw of the wotisit series, we have a winner! Minnie, come on down! Tell me what sort of colours you prefer and I shall dig in my stitchmarkers (never put up on Etsy) and send them off to you! (Oh an address would be handy too - email isn't good at sending lumpy or even very flat things!)

In other news, I finished the top for my LYS.


I would give you the yarn details but all I know is that it is worsted weight cotton in a colourway hand-dyed for my LYS. I think I used just under 5 skeins but am not sure cos the yarn came unlabelled and I didn't take any notice. It may be just under four skeins. I think I used a 5mm needle.


The pattern is by Lorna Miser. It is linked on Ravelry here.


I've as usual got too many pics.


The picking up of stitches along the side and for the sleeves was a pita, quite frankly. The method of increasing on the sides (kf&b) leaves a little bar (This is still one of my favourite increases still). This little bar is inevitably a different colour to the stitches around it and to the yarn picking up stitches. It makes things a bit annoying due to changing where the stitches have to be picked up.

The needle is pointing to where the next stitch will be picked up.

The cable of the needle is "pointing" to where the stitch will be picked up, below the bar.

Anyway, time to go to knitting meetup.



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