Fuglies update

G'day all!

Thought I should let you know the second rainbow sock, now re-christened "the fugliest socks in the world!," is progressing.


These are NOT pretty socks. But they are entertaining and I have improved my short row wraps quite a bit (by dint of some very scary dropping stitches/wraps off needles). I started turning the heel on the bus today, when I decided to go up to an op shop, see what they have in stock at the moment. It is the op shop I rarely bother going to, even though it is just under three miles away, cos they don't have much that I ever want. And again they didn't (though I did leave a CASHMERE sweater there! It just didn't feel as nice as the better quality cashmere pullover I had in my mitts). Savers is much better for sheets, sometimes has cashmere jumpers too. The other goodwill shop is better for tshirts.


I've been getting the urge to do a little sewing, make some stuff for me. I've been looking at the patterns I've bought (on special, $1 each!) and working out what size to make. I've got three or four lots of material to make things with, and I'm itching to get started.

So I measure me up.

Can you believe that I measure up as a 16 according to the measurements on the pattern? No offence to any 16s out there but that seems huge, given that I usually fit into a 12-14 at home and a 9-10 here. I guess that is what size inflation has done! Anyway, it has rather put me off the idea of sewing cos I am afraid that if I do make the right size then it will be too big and what a waste! Even at my fattest at home I never made size 16 and I am somewhat slimmer now.

What to do, what to do?

Whatserface, the lady with Bells Palsy who is a sewing guru here, Nancy, says that your size is determined by how wide you are from armpit crease to armpit crease. I'm taking that to mean around the front of your chest, not a straight line in front of your chest. That is 13.5" on me, which means I am a size 12. For every half inch up or down from 14"/size 14, you go up or down a dress size (14.5" = size 16, 13.5" size 12).

Now I am just totally confused!

Mebbe I'll just cut a pattern out in a 12 and a 14 using some of the sheets I've been buying to make shopping baggies out of. That should help me work out the sizing at least! I know I can adjust the patterns too but first I'd like to see if they fit as is.

No DH tonight - apparently he as a work dinner that he forgot about. Work has settled some too - certain upsetting actions have been realised and are being worked on.

ETA - argh GOING CRAZY! Two people up the way from us are letting their fire alarms just go off off off off and it is killing me! Nothing I can do about it cos I can't tell exactly which units are making the infernal noise. I have no idea how the residents can put up with it cos it is truly piercing and would wake the dead. I wish they would mute the blasted things! Or not burn their food indoors (though if I put the oven on at 450F it drives our alarm nuts!). Maybe I'll complain to the property managers.... tomorrow. Or call the fire brigade.



  1. Sizes: I hate them. I never fot into any size that the clothing people decree.
    You are a bit unkind to your socks!!!
    I'll see you your Fire Alarms and raise you a whole row of people sitting behind me in the cinema talking through the entire film and crinkling crinkly paper as well!!!

  2. 1)find a woven item that fits you.
    2)measure it
    3)measure the pattern
    4)compare and adjust as necessary

    You are not a 16, unless you are talking about children's sizes.

  3. Those socks aren't too bad.. they could be worse!

    Hope that annoying alarm stops soon.

  4. I would say that the measurements on clothing patterns are pretty close to UK sizes - although I would expect me to be a 16 and not you. However, if you cut a pattern larger than you think it should be, you can always tailor it to fit your own exact measurements, and that's a better option than cutting it too small.

  5. Here in Oz, my shop clothes are size 14's, the pattern size that correlates??? Size 18 or 20!!!! And you thought you had it bad.

    Oh and I raise you a car alarm that is the horn blaring at full volume for 1.5 hours from 1 am this morning until 2.30am when someone came past and drove the damn thing away, a whole 5 minutes later, the police drove by to check the call I had made at 1.05am.


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