Now is the month of Maying

When merry lads are playing
Tralala, tralala-lalalalala, lalala-la-la-lala!
Each with his bonny lass
Upon the greeny grass
Tralala etc etc.

(I thought you might like a musical interlude from my misspent uni years, when I used to sing with a madrigal group. We were all into the SCA and frocking up (including the chaps in some instances ;-) and signing and dancing and eating and avoiding the politicking. We had lots of fun :-)

So it is four years since my father died. It is funny cos whilst I miss the person he had been, I don't miss the poor old thing that died. My father had moved on years earlier, leaving only a shell. I guess dementia does that to a person.

I have been working on pulling out of my funk - thanks for the kind words and offers! I should take some of those up. It would be fun to see people more often and do stuff more often, not that I am unbusy here. The hardest part is living in an apartment where there basically is no guest parking - every unit has one parking spot allocated to it and most of the couples that live here have a car each = squeezy on the parking! It got so bad that the current managers have had to institute a parking permit scheme. After all it is not fair that someone who is not paying for a carport or "garport" parks their car in one and those of us who are coughing up the extra don't get to have a carpark at all!

Yesterday I went to the heritage rose garden just north of SJ central. It is in the flight path of the local airport and my god some of those birds looked like they wanted to land on the other side of the garden! One plane came in really low and made that wonderful sound of oops, lifting up a bit now! I took over 400 photos (of roses, not of planes, and thankfully about a third of those are of the plant labels) and five videos (you never thought a rose garden was worth a video? Wait and see!). They will take a while to edit! Then I bought a new monthly ticket and met up with DH for arvo tea before galloping homewards to get a roast and get it done by 7:15 (it wasn't cos I lost interest in hurrying after DH said he wasn't going to choir).

Today it is meant to rain. The clouds were lowering and I was glowering cos I didn't think it was supposed to rain yet. The radar was menacing but the rain was not yet here. (It still isn't 2 hours later, just the odd spitty spot.) So I galloped out on the bike (what you've never seen anyone galloping on a bike?) to the local Home Despot. I wanted some wood moulding. The stuff I liked most was $5.74 for 8' and had two labels on it (so I couldn't cut it there). My bike is not 8' long.

Tadum! Yes, this is now a jousting bike (only I'd choose cheaper stuff for the jousting lances most likely).

I have done my Personal Sock Club draw for May. I shall show you it next time. Also, everyone who has correctly guessed Wotisit goes into my fancy database (a page in my book). I expect to have a new pic for Wotisit on Monday.



  1. I think your jousting bike is in keeping with the May Day theme. I once taught my class Maypole Dancing and we dressed up and gave a demonstration. My dad has been dead for over 20 years now, and it still seems like yesterday. (I have to say that the word verification fairy has been ironic or psychic lately, today's wqord id 'deady')
    I like roses, they are one of the few flowers I can grow!!!

  2. 'Do you know the way to San Jose?' was on the radio yesterday and I was thinking of you. I like your jousting bike. Sending you a big hug and hoping you are doing ok x


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