One done

G'day all!

(DAH! Just hit enter instead of tab in one of those moments, and blogger published an empty post! LOL)

I've been a busy bee recently. I've been doing lots of stuff, so much so that I took stock last night as I watched Peter Jackson's "King Kong," edited photos and knitted pretty much all at the same time. I was taking on just waaay too much at the one time and even contemplated that I might be a bit manic. I decided that I should make a choice - watch the movie or edit pics. The DVD won cos I can knit and watch at the same time. It is harder to knit when one or the other (or both) hands are busy typing and twiddling the mouse.

Such a Peter Jackson movie! So many things that he just loves - some moments I wondered if I was watching Bad Taste again!

Anyway, I think I'd prefer to watch Wall-E again - that was a very sweet movie (and somewhat shorter!). I am waiting for Pixar to create a disaster. I have liked (and often loved) all of their movies that I've seen to date.

All this DVD watching has been prime knitting time. So far I've finished one front or back of the chevron tshirt (no pic cos I am silly!) and made a bold start on the next side. I've also spent enough time on buses to have done this:


(Wonky sock on a wonky foot! No it is not broken or anything, just pronated a bit)
(Holy heck, I've just uploaded these pics five minutes or less ago and that sock has been looked at three times already! How can that be??

Yep, one sock down, the second is now past the toe and heading for the heel.

I've got other projects to share but not necessarily knitting, OK? I just have to spread out the love a little and get pics of the latest and greatest thing I'm up to.



  1. You are so right! King Kong is such a Peter Jackson movie.


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