From good to not so good

G'day all!

Well not so good actually. Two days ago we were cruisin' along.

Yesterday an Issue arose at DH's work so he came home after lunch cos it was better to get away than erupt/stew there.

Anyway, the Issue might be so bad that we might be going Home somewhat earlier than expected.

It is the uncertainty that kills me. (and him.)

Plus the knowledge that we have to leave the country within 10 days of the job ending. I am trying to find out if we can re-enter on the visa waiver program or if we have to get a B2 tourist visa (and we have to pre-register too). 10 days is not enough to pack up your life and move on (can't imagine what it is like to be forcibly ousted from your home by war/etc).

Before It All Erupted, I was happily engaged in making things like these:

A pouch type bag, with gusset!

A foldy up bag, secured with velcro. Now with added gusset!

A foldy bag of Bad Cats, now with added gusset. I really like this material and the colour (not that colour shows well cos of the contrast of light and dark - it is a medium-light turquoise).

I'm getting better at doing the handles, I think. They still are not perfect but then again nor am I 8-)

Plus I am very pleased with the gussets. They are not perfect but the add a certain something to the bags. You can see the size of the bags - the idea is they they are shopping bags. They won't carry a huge load, being only one layer, but I find the ones I made for me to be extremely handy. They fold up small enough to fit in a handbag (ok except the blue trains one) and are really handy for when you do a spot of shopping and don't want yet Another Plastic Bag.

All of these bags have gone on a long plane trip, or are about to go. I posted them yesterday.

Topping off my woe nicely is that I have a weirdly sore throat. It started after I used some L-ine (name truncated!) last night (cos I thought it might help kill the ulcers that appeared after I scratched the inside of my lip). I've gone hoarse too. And I can't go out to buy some more cheap tshirts to turn into my latest obsession... no point buying stuff that I might have to offload in a couple of weeks!



  1. Love the sock, previously modelled!
    Nice bags, gusset and folding up into a pouch and all. Hope the uncertainty is resolved. I think it's easier to cope with something, be it good or bad, rather than float about in uncertainty Purgatory.

  2. big hugs, ducks. hope everything works out. do you have the $$ to go home if you need to?

  3. I hope this issues resolves itself soon - no fun waiting for something to happen.

    Great bags - Ive been making some too, better get around to blogging about it soon.

  4. Will hold a good thought that things go as you want them to, Lynne. Keep me posted, ok?


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