Wotisit Monday 4

G'day all!

Gosh, I am making these too hard, aren't I?

Last week, I showed you this:


followed by this:


They are the early and late stage seedpods of Liquidambar (known as sweetgum in the States - that second link has some pics from a random blog). The green one still has the flowers on it, the brown one has opened up and all bar one of the seeds has escaped. When the seed pods opened on the tree outside our apartment and dropped the seeds, it sounded like a very soft, gentle rain was falling. Quite bizarre. Anyway, noone got it completely right but some people guessed it was some sort of flower - that was right! So anyone who guessed flower or seed gets a point.

This week I hope I have one that is a little easier.

What is sitting on the leaf? If you can name it down to the species level, you get five points ;-) Common name gets a point, specific common name gets 5 points.

Send your answers to natiel three one one at gmaildotcom.

Tomorrow I will announce who has won the first prize draw - a set of 5 glass or stone stitchmarkers in a colour of the winner's choice. And I'll show off a newly finished knit for the local yarn shop. And hopefully it won't be warm and humid tomorrow (different from just plain hot but I think I'll take hot, thanks!).

I have to share a little something with you. It is not nice to make fun of people with speech impediments. I am going to any way. So some of you might know that I am a bit of a B5 nut. For a long time every time someone said "green," I said "purpo." If they said purple, I said "gryn." (If you don't get it, it is ok cos B5 is only a tv show and it isn't the end of the world or anything.) Well anyway, today in the op shop, it was 99c day for purple tagged items. The chap comes on the PA to remind us all that it is pew-po tag 99c day. The whole place just rippled as people either said purple or pew-po. A (black) lady came over to me as I stood there bemused/chuckling and said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one amused."

So now it is not purple or purpo, it is pewpo!

Finally, a link to a fishing cat kept as a domestic puss. Methinks Chaos has a little ways to go before he looks this fierce! (WARNING! If you do not like gore do NOT look beyond the pic of the fishing cat dragging the fish around.)



  1. Oh yes, The Purpo or the Gryn!! Just watched that episode early this year- we are working our way through B5 again from the start. It's the one where Claudia broke her foot I think!!!


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