Swings and roundabouts

G'day all!

I think things are a bit more settled today. I hope they are. It is very difficult for DH cos he likes his job and he likes the work he does, when he is allowed to do that work....

Anyway, I thought I would share some projects I've been working on recently, though I'd best edit the pics first! Excuse me whilst I make sure I have things to share.


Here's the front and back of the current sample I am working on for my LYS. It is their own dyed cotton. Pretty cool, huh?

But the thing I am really thrilled about is this pile of tshirts.


They are all op shop finds and most of them cost 99 cents or less. Except for the ones that cost $2.

Actually it is not the tshirts that are wonderful, per se, but y'see you can turn tshirts into yarn. Check out this Ravelry group for details. Once turned into yarn, one can use one's extended Tunisian crochet hook to make things out of the tshirt yarn. I used the Stitch Diva tutes (different links for each word) to learn how to do Tunisian crochet, and I also bought the hook from them at Stitches in Feb.

Anyway, I decided when I bought the hook that it would be great for making a floor rug out of old tshirts. I just had to collect enough tshirts first. That little bundle in the pic is NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH tshirts! Not if you want to make something a decent size on my 19mm hook.

Ahem. I was pretty annoyed about the idea of going home just when I've collected and cut up a heap of tshirts and wanted more (now bought, don't care what happens as long as I get to cut up and use this new batch of tshirts). I pick out tshirts that noone wants - some op shops here stamp the date on the back of the label. A 99c tshirt that has been on the rack for two months is Lynne bait and I bite. Especially if it is in the right colours (bright) and is 100% cotton. Even better if it has an obnoxious print on it cos noone will ever see it again.

Here's what three men's XL tshirts makes.


A strip about 15cm long and 80cm wide. 6" X 30" roughly. But isn't it pretty? So bright and chirpy! I want more tshirts, more and more and more colours! (I have more and more tshirts!)


Hafta go dry some tshirts and then cut them up. But first knit night at the LYS. Assuming I decide to go - I've been hoarse the last two days, ever since I choked on some Listerine. I am wondering if it is a cold trying to take hold or just I burned my trachea with the alcohol and muck in the Listerine. I have a bit of a cough. But I don't feel unwell and I am not running a temperature. I just won't be able to talk much.



  1. Oh I do like the chevrony effect of the sample. I remember doing Tunisian crochet when I was a teenager. It was all the craft go then. The T shirts look particularly good TC-ed up. Glad the job situation is sorting itself out too.

  2. Glad things are sorting themselves out. I was worried about you! The T-Shirt idea looks great.


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