Wotisit Monday 3

G'day all!

Last week's pic proved a bit of a conundrum! Noone guessed exactly what it is but a couple got the family (daisies/asteraceae) right!

Pycnosorus globosus is one of my favourite plants. Probably because it is odd, just like me!

This is a closeup of the flowering head just as the flowers are starting to open. Each one of those little pointy things is a flower. Daisies have compound heads, just like this one - all the tiny little flowers are clustered together in the centre. Pycnosorus does not have obvious petals until you look really closely at the flowering head, when you'll see they really do look like teensy little petals. No daisy has really obvious petals - sunflowers and shasta daisies and lawn daisies all have "rays" which are modified petals that (usually) develop at the outer of the flowering head. Dandelions are daisies. Lots of plants are daisies!

Let's see what you think of this week's lucky lucky entrant!


What is the green thing? I think it is something found in many gardens but is probably rarely seen.

At the end of the year, when the leaves have all fallen off, the mature versions of these green things are left. Here's one that fell off.


Remember, email your response to natiel three one one at gmaildotcom. you guys have been great so far at emailing me :-) I think we might need a little prize draw next week from all entries received to date. You gotta be in it to win it! You get one point for being able to guess what sort of thing it is and I'll award four bonus points if you can say precisely what the thing is :-)



  1. I thought last week's pic was of carpet! Shows how clued up I am with the nachural wurld.

  2. We spent ages looking at last weeks and scratching our heads!!


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