G'day all!

A while ago, I decided to pay up for the Tactile Fibre Club. I just went for the plain jane one not the fancy one cos I am no good with alpaca and just *knew* I'd get a whole heap of suri alpaca or something that I couldn't spin with.

The first installment arrived two days ago (but I was quarantining myself and forgot to go pick it up from the apartment office). Yesterday I opened up the box to find


Pretty eh? I am not at all a yellow person (which is funny cos yellow to me can mean either sunshine or cowardly custard and I like/am both). The yellow is weld. The blue, pink/red and yellow speaks to me more than the yellow but I can cope :-)

(I was wearing a particularly lurid striped tshirt yesterday - the yellow of the fibre and of the tshirt almost match! I bet the cotton of the tshirt was not dyed with weld though.)

I want to spin it up - this four oz of finn top - but I don't know what I could make out of it given I am only likely to end up with at most 600m of yarn, more likely 400-500m.


I have not yet solved the clothing conundrum. Anne quite rightly pointed out I could just measure something I already own but the only thing I have that is woven and fits neatly is a sleeveless dress. I guess that would be a start! It is also what I get for being a tshirt kinda person. This is to say that I don't iron anything if I can avoid it. That was pretty easy for the first 18 months of our sojourn in the US cos we didn't own an iron! But with my ideas of doing stuff with fabric, I ended up buying one. It has been handy but I don't think it has even touched an item of clothing.

I am being punished for being vain. Yesterday I decided that I was sick of blinding myself whilst riding - my leggies are quite pale and reflect the sun quite well now that it is warm enough for shorts.

So I pulled out the self-tanning lotion. I rubbed it on and thought, "Lovely! Now I will have a bit of a tan!"

As is *now* evident, the stuff can get quite quite dark, especially when you sit with your legs crossed at calf level and make a big smear on the back of one leg.... the smears around my ankles are easily dealt with - that is what socks are for, but the one up the back of my calf... Well I had to put more on today (and before that go out with long legged pants on)! People will wonder where the tan came from. Instant (if 12 hours is instant!) tan out of a bottle. Yah!

I also discovered that apparently I am supposed to shave my legs EVERY DAY! What? Every day? Come off it! Who has time to do that every day? Even people like me with their rather open schedules have better things to do than remove "unsightly stubble." The people who fuss about such things can feel themselves blasted lucky that I bother to shave at all! They would have to put up with my overtly hairy legs (I thank my Scottish ancestors for the hairy legs. I can only guess that it is the result of hairy selection due to the wearing of kilts. Something had to keep the men's leggies warm! Actually, upon reflection, my mother had hairy legs too and I don't know of any Scots in her background, only leek growers). (Note that the hairy legs don't look so bad when my skin is dyed with self tanning lotion unless the hair takes the dye too.)

Enough horrifying you! Next thing you know I'll be saying the T word openly! Yay me!



  1. Your new fibre is spookily similar to your top!!
    I just keep on blinding people with my shiny bright white legs!! Good luck with your tanning adventures though. (Being a 'proper' woman is such an effort)
    PS I read the fridge cleaning out story this morning somewhere on the Internet. Pretty horrid really!!

  2. i CAN'T shave my legs every day, iget a rash. i'm lucky if i shave every 2 weeks!

  3. Ooh that fibre is pretty! I do like most yellows, not sure how well I can wear it though!

  4. Pretty fibre :)

    I had a self-tanning nightmare to the extent I had to wear trousers in hot summer because my legs were streaked. The shower gel stuff with self-tan is definitely a bit more subtle and more idiot proof :)


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