Maker Faire - upcoming - and linkmania

Ooh, whilst I think of it, the Maker Faire is nearly here. Anyone (localish) going? 505 off tickets for groups of 10 or more! That sounds good but I don't know if everyone has to enter at the same time (which might not be so good cos if we are coming from near and far...).

I have to get rid of some links too.

I might make one of these rag bath mats after I finish the current rag rug. I will use tshirts not sheets. Sheets are useful material!

This person knits almost exactly as I do. I wonder if her purling is the same too?

Mmm, gluten-free yummies!

A little bit of fun with old advertisements by the creator of My First Dictionary (did I already link musty moments?). BTW the 13th of May's First Dictionary is brilliant. ROFL.

Hallmarks of Felinity. Need I say more?

Someone else's sweet potato and dog story, linked here.

This should be big news. Diabetes type II cured by gastric bypass surgery. Maybe there is a hormone involved? Not that I'll be lining up for gastric bypass mind you... and there is a lot of important digestion done by the stomach and duodenum but it seems something made by either of them is helping drive type II.

An old discussion on neuroplasticity and the important of rote learning.

A favourite topic of mine. The Peoples' Loo!

I want some fruit trees! But these are from home and I am not there and I have a teensy patio stuffed full of plants already. They have a great range of older stuff. (And I do have an apple tree, no apples, and a blueberry bush, no blueberries, on the patio.)

This young footballer has had a rough road, and I know exactly where he is coming from wrt his father's death from cancer.

Amongst all of the science gobbledygook here, it appears that digging in the dirt is good for you! Yes, being exposed to Mycobacterium vaccae helps release serotonin in your brain! And here was me thinking I just enjoyed it and it was good for me. Nope, my brain is being controlled by bacteria!

Does your workplace's fridge stink as bad as this one?

Annie Modesitt and a publisher are looking for 1000 fabulous knit hats. Join in!

PS will add another pic to this week's wotisit? Might make it easier...


  1. I love the rag bath mat.. Hmm.. I do have some old sheets that I could use for that....


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