Up the creek

G'day all!

The other day, after I got bike's first ever flat tyre fixed*, we went for a ride up the Los Gatos Creek. We've done that before. But this was an adventure!

You'll just have to wait for more pictures....

And I have a new FO! But I only just finished it and the sun's almost set so pics will have to wait. And I am half an hour behind on getting tea cooked so I am going to be late for the knitting guild meeting

*what, fix it myself when with a bit of a pump up I can ride to the bike shop where they will fix it for less than $20 in 20 minutes and I can go do a little shopping with no cussing or grimy hands or unladylike behaviour, apart from mounting the bike of course....


  1. LOL way to go Lynne!!I had to fix one of the boys bikes a while ago,Id rather pay the bigger Bro to do it,
    If we leave home early,going in perths direction,Meridan is just right to have lunch,but this time we were late AND went off the track via Lake Grace and never got to go through Merridan till on the way home ,Im not prone to eat a hamburger at midnight,my poor tummy would shriek!!
    Oh well next time..hmmm must make up an excuse...


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