I wish...

G'day all!

Oh how I wish I was the truly creative sort. I've been crawling the web and the amazing things some ladies are doing.... And yes, each and every one of the crafty type blogs I read is written by a woman. The men write different sorts of blogs. I would link them all but there are sooooo many!

Instead, anonymous ladies of the crafty blogs, take a bow!* You are amazing. Inspiring. Even jealousy inducing. Amazing stuff. I am incoherent with delight and jealousy!

Oh how I wish I could draw *and* paint. I can copy quite well - give me a photo and a pencil/paper and I can make a reasonable, not great, facsimile of the pic but creating something new? DH says I just need to practise but what I need is the eye with which to separate dross from good. And practising would help. I'm just happily buried in knitting and spinning. (And a little bit of sewing.)

I have a rather springy/eastery sock on the needles with another pattern of my design on it. Dunno if it is working or not. Not enough is done to show you how it is looking. Plus I seem to have not followed the pattern at some point cos I have the wrong number of stitches happening. I guess I should frog it back and do the last 16 rows over! At least it is only a sock.

I have two red cashmere laceweight yarns that I am plying against each other, then I cable them and hope the yarn is somewhat thicker than when it began. (I am forever grateful to whoever it was on Ravelry who said use a ballwinder for ripping out sweaters - this will save me millenia on frogging the 15 or so cashmere sweaters I have been collecting for Projects.) Then I will knit my next up sister some fingerless mitts. I was going to have them done in time for the footy season starting. At the time I am blogging this, in the wee hours of Saturday morning (thanks to something I ate keeping me up!) it is 17 hours until our team's first game kicks off. Ooops. I will need to get in my time machine to get these bad boys to their new home in time, especially given they aren't even knitted yet! BTW, my sisters and brother all barrack for our beloved Dees - we were well indoctrinated by our mother, whose fervour was fed by the glory years - she saw more than half the team's premierships. I've seen none but we made the Grand Final once in all my years (and got thumped). I am fairly sure my first words after mum-mummum and dadadad were "Go Dees" if the training we gave my nieces and nephews is anything to go by.BTW, the brainwashinh, oops, training dd work on some of them.

I have some yarn to knit a friend a chemo cap with. I am still arguing with myself over the pattern to knit. I have two patterns in mind and am locked in indecision cos I really want to make this one but the yarn will work better for this type of short row hat (but nicer yarn and a finer gauge). I shall get some more yarn, whether by stash diving or buying it, and make both of them!

I have almost finished the shawl featured a couple of days ago. Details soon, when it is done!

Ah, hooray, soon I can return to bed. Mr Gut is now giving signals that the worst is over - I am now receiving requests for food :-)

*That includes you, gentle reader, even if you are of the male persuasion.



  1. I did a watercolour painitng class and my teapost looked like Mickey Mouse and it turn out the only things I can paint are dead medlars!!!
    You have bee so busy to have the shawl almost finished!!!


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