Sunday Stitches

G'day all!

I hauled my sorry feet up to Stitches for the last day of the yarn fest.

My bad. I bought Even More Stuff.

I don't really need it. But I wanted it and some makes me happy happy :-)

What colour(way)s do you think I like?

Please excuse the lousy pics - it has been a very exciting day here weatherwise and I missed the best window for getting good pics. I was being cracked at the chiro instead. She gives pretty good crack.

So we have some Lisa Souza petite hardtwist sock (it is actually a very pretty pastel pink, lemon and green with dots on it) and BFL top in Joseph's Coat (the amorphous mass in the top right), some Miss Babs top and yarn, Vintage Knits ($15 plus tax, given it is one of the books I've been trying to track down at the libraries here I figured I may as well buy it cos it has some good patterns in it), and some Brooks Farm solo silk/wool blend. And a roll of highlighter tape cos I have been looking for it for MONTHS. It is great for knitting anything on a chart, particularly if the pattern is not repeated and you cannot learn it.

Brooks Farm solo (colour is a bit more subtle than reality)

So much for my vow not to buy single skeins. At least I bought single skeins that have good yardage. (I do like yardage as a word much better than meterage.)

Miss Babs wool silk (again more subtle than reality)

Mmmm, fluff. Miss Babs again.

No close pics of the Lisa Souza stuff - they look atrocious, not enough light and I am not patient enough to Gimp them into something resembling reality.

I also joined The Knitting Guild of America. For that I got the last two Cast Ons and will get another four. Mebbe I should do their certificate course.

It was a fun weekend. I met up with a whole heap of people - much better than last year when I didn't know anyone yet, well not very many people. I spent too much money. I learned how to say Uruguay like a native, or at least a native who has an Australian accent.... I got some great ideas for stuff that I have not been sure what to do with.

And I still have two items that are extra happy making to show off! I just have to remember to photograph them. One is living outside (outta sight outta mind!) and the other sits on my laptop grinning cheerfully at me. He makes me grin back :-)


PS hat is gone, gone, lost. It's not at the Coop where I had dinner or at the convention centre. Sniffle.

PPS at some point I will remember to put the black border around all my photos, or none of them. not a mix!

PPPS XRX (publishers and holder of Stitches) have my hat. Yay!


  1. Yay for your hat!! And your purchases!!!

  2. I'm so glad you found your hat!

  3. I'm amazed that you had the stamina to go to all 3 days...I was beat after Friday. You seem to have bought some nice stuff and Im really glad they found your hat.

  4. Glad they have your hat... was just going to suggest posting a lost notice on Ravelry.

    Fun seeing you two days in a row.

    oh... the word I have to type to post this: hugmate... Consider it done.

  5. Hooray - glad you will get your hat back.

    It looks like you got some wonderful purchases :)


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