Captn she cannae tae nae more!

G'day all!

So here's me with my new handspun shawl on the needles (likely a shawlette cos I only have 400m)

Isn't it purdy? It's Tactile's Dogwood in merino/bamboo. (PS remind me that I don't enjoy spinning stuff with tencel but with bamboo - lovely!)

And the Eyesore sock progresseth - I only have another 2cm of pattern and then some ribbing before I can cast it off and start the next one. You can see the yellow flash that occurred with the gusset shaping.

Look at the way the lifted increase created a pink bar on a lot of the gusset (am I the only person who types guesset a lot?) stitches on the riverbed architecture. Nifty eh? And there is much more nifty than that but I am going to see if I can video it just to show I am not playing tricks.

And then there is the shop sample. It is in SWTC Terra, which I am rather enjoying knitting though it seems to be drying my fingies out. More than half of the 13" of stocking stitch is now conquered! Why? Cos I spent three hours watching "Creating Machine Embroidery with Alison Holt: Flowers and Landscapes." Completely rivetting, believe it or not and perfect for entertaining me as I knitted vast swathes of stockinette.

And now I am all enthused about getting an embroidery hoop and trying out some machine embroidery (and so is Nathan!!!). I really don't need another hobby.

But I have to get the Eyesore socks finished by the end of the month along with the shop sample and the shawl - the socks for the sock a monthalong, the shawl for Tactile's birthday comp and the shop sample because my work permit expires at the start of April.

So my work permit is about to run out. I chased up what was happening with it.

Nothing. They had not done anything about it after enquiring about my work status in late January. I didn't realise nothing was happening until I looked at the date and thought "nothing has happened!" So I won't be able to work after the 4th of April until it is approved again (paperwork is in progress) and then my visa expires in December or something so it will only run for a few months. Ah well. By then we might be totally jack of this place (rather than mostly jack) and it won't matter. But it will create some problems for my Etsy shop.

I was ever so domesticated yesterday. I roasted a chook and made four little jars of cumquat marmalade. I think it will be rather tart. The chook was funny - I put it in an oven bag, an oven bag brought from Oz cos the ones here are rubbish - they melt! Anyway, there were a couple of pops and splutters from the oven which I ignored. The chook was heating up and starting to cook and I guess it didn't have much in the way of holes (apart from the obvious orifices) unlike the oven bag which I had very carefully cut in three places with the kitchen snips.


Holy cow! (or chook in this case!) The chicken just exploded!

It sounded a bit worrisome so I went to check it. The bag had burst at the neck end of the chook. It was split right across. It looked like the chook had fired a grenade out of its neck hole or something and there was a splatter on the hot oven wall....

And another thing? I'm trying "low 'poo." No, I'm not on a liquid diet, I am using castille soap as shampoo and rinsing with apple cider vinegar. So far so good - this is the third week I think. My head is nowhere near as itchy and the oils are not building up as much and certainly not as quickly. (Now I will have to itch my head cos I said it was not itchy.) I am not having to wash my hair every day - after three days it is getting pretty skanky but certainly not on the second.

I reckon that is your bloomin' lot!



  1. Crikey - an exploding chicken! What wonderful WIPs you've got going.


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