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G'day all!

So a while ago, during the bushfire crisis back 'ome (six weeks ago now!) I discovered that one of my favourite fibre producers was still in business, though fighting off embers! Anyway, I had to buy some of Charly's stuff. (Go and have a look at what she has at present - she tends to update on Fridays in Oz. This blog should still be here when you get back :-)

I had to buy a couple of braids of merino/angora. Not just because Charly is a great person, not just because it was a little bit extra for the bushfire cause, no, mainly cos I thought it would be lovely stuff to spin up and it would be from Home. LOL

Man, I was frantic back then. I had the worst case of homesickness I've had in ages. I was so far away and there was nothing I could do bar send a donation and buy a little stuff from a friend. Places that I knew had been destroyed (I still sniffle at the picture of the fence and gate of the lolly shop at Marysville - they remain, along with the sign but the building is razed - bizarre. Where will I get my toilet duck flavoured sour drops now?) and there was not one thing I could do about it. I would've volunteered if I had been home (not fighting fires - I get asthma from smoke - but there's plenty of other stuff that needed to be done). But instead I read all the newspapers and abc.net.au and watched and hoped.

A couple of weeks later, the postman hand delivered a little parcel to me.


Our postie (mail carrier) sometimes hand delivers stuff and sometimes I have to go to the office. Haven't worked that out yet.

See how small the parcel is?


It reminded me of the fleeces and yarn I sent myself from Oz - I stuffed it into black garbage bags and sat on them and taped them ferociously until they were a third their original size. That is the great thing about wool - it bounces back. You can squash it down and with either no or very little encouragement it fluffs back out again.


Mother Holle (Goodness, I hope I am not the lazy daughter who gets covered with pitch but I fear I may be!) and

Rumplestiltskin (no I can't spin straw into gold but I can spin fleece into pretty nice yarn if I do say so myself!)

If you saw how these braids have fluffed out, you would hardly believe that they fitted into the baggie they arrived in. There's 150g or so in each - enough to make something a reasonable size out of, not the usual 50g which makes a hat if I am lucky. No I have not started spinning them yet - they are next on the list after the merino tencel I am spinning (remind me that I do not enjoy tencel in my spinning stuff and am not so sure about knitting it either. Bamboo is fine though. I have a post or three coming on about the new "environmentally friendly" rayons too).

Soon, soon my pretties, I shall spin you! But first I must finish the tencel blend.



  1. ooh pretty
    I followed your advice and dropped by Charly's site. Definitely getting some of that! Thank you so much for the lead.

  2. That parcel is so tiny and then there is an explosion of prettiness!! Just this weekend some communities were allowed back to their homes. It will be a long period of recovery.

  3. Hug x It is very sad about the fires. Lovely fibres.


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