The last of Stitches

G'day all!

Today I had a grand adventure, involving three trains/trams and two buses. But no pictures. Took forever, but it doesn't help that I looked at quite a number of shops and walked 1.5 miles between shopping places, let alone the distance from the train/tram to where I was going, etc etc etc. After walking over 10km yesterday and another 7+km today, my footsies are a bit sore.

All because I wanted to get some natural cotton coloured cord, preferably in cotton. Some of the baggies I am making will look best with unbleached cotton colour cord. I hope. Cos I eventually found the cord....

Anyway, I thought I should show you the last of my Stitches purchases. He is very very cute and a bit whacky. Like me, on the whacky part at least. He cost a fair bit too but I really like him and would've gone back to buy him, guilty or no!


And sitting on the hat that is made from the same yarn as my pinwheel sweater, upon which I wore him one day. Not that I like certain colours or anything, no no not me, as the people said to me at Brooks Farm as I wandered up with a hank of yarn that matched the sweater....

Anyway, it being 3pm and all, I think I need a bit of lunch.



  1. Ooooooo, wondered which one you got. Mr. Lizzie is really stellar!


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