My needles are on fire!

G'day all!

Help! My needles are on fire! I am not going to show you all the things I am working on at the moment - some are so embryonic that there is no point (eg how exciting is stocking stitch?). You'll have to trust me that I am enamoured particularly of one but the others are pretty darned fantastic too :-)

I've finished most of the knitting for the Mystery Item in purple/blue. I now have to find suitable buttons for it - I think I need ones that match it precisely or are clear. I don't want buttons that stand out on it cos I think the item should be the star of the show not the buttons.

Doesn't the (back of the) blocked lace look pretty held up against the light?

So after I get buttons and seam the shoulders, I can knit the button bands, put the arms on and voila! A new spring cardi! (Does that tell anyone what it is yet?)

This scrumptious little ball of handspun merino bamboo yarn is on its way to becoming something absolutely fantastic. Or at least I hope so. So far it is knitting up amazingly. Pics when I have more to show.

Then there is the eyesore sock.

I love the heel. Eye of Partridge does it again! Big hearts all round!

But the pattern I wanted to try? Well it looks a bit more like some sort of cthulhoid creature is attacking the yarn. I need to make the loops tighter. I might try it with some different yarn. The loops felt very heavy even with this light sportweight yarn.

Then there is the new top I am knitting for my LYS. So far it is only three rows of garter and about 3cm of stocking stitch. Only 11.5 inches of stocking stitch to go before I get to the pattern! Oh and it is on 4mm needles and has 216 stitches per row. Ai!

In other news, one of my decisions for this year was to learn some Latin American Spanish. So far so bad. I've been borrowing stuff from the library. The first DVD would not play under Linux. The CDs turned out to only be slang words, not how to speak Spanish per se. It is nice that I now know *the* baddest word in Mexico but I'd prefer to know some others as well. The second DVD is aimed at kids under 10. Hmmm....

And now it is time for


Yay! Kermit-style waving of hands!

Things must be bad when the LA Times is a source of science news, but here we go. Potassium:sodium ratios in your food might help determine your likelihood of heart disease.

This dinosaur had sideways "hands."

How do we tell them time? How do we estimate the time? Something we take for granted may not always work so well. More info here.

This postcard paints a bleak picture in California's Inland Empire.

And elsewhere:

Here's something I need on cooler days - earmuffs for my bike helmet! But I would have to make them out of silk or something cos my ears would itch like billy-o if I used wool, even the softest silkiest butteriest wool.

This little guy (or gal) is a fantastic new species of fish. You must watch the videos! Most bizarre.

Do you know Craig?

Is cooking something that makes us human?

Men and housework and women and s e x.

(rav link)A fantastic crocheted outfit. Can anyone tell what train he is on? I thought it was a bit NYC-ish. I've not been on the BART yet. (Thanks to Anita B for the link)

Totally bizarre - an early so-called vampire.

My home city is supposedly going to have a desalination plant in ?three? years? We don't want it. We should be recycling our water and using our stormwater much more wisely. Here's an article about things we could be doing instead of putting in a massive plant that will require massive amounts of energy. Even it doesn't list things like local plants cleaning up stormwater or rain water tanks, etc.

Apparently climate deniers believe that climate change is a big hoax designed by environmentalists to destroy the free market. Who knew? I would've thought that using resources wisely and looking after the planet was in our own best interests. Mebbe not!

Avoidance may not be the best thing to reduce the increasing incidence of peanut allergies in small children.

That's great! I've gotten rid of a whole heap of tabs - only about 30 left now ;-)



  1. I like your cardi but I have No Idea what pattern it is!! Buttons are the most difficult thing to find. Socks: very cool.
    In my own Link-o-mania: we have a new species of jelly fish right here!!
    I mention it becuase it looks a little like the colours in your sock!!

  2. I love the look of your cardi.


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