Tactile Trellis Shawl

G'day all!

I think this will be my last hurrah for March.

I bought some merino:bamboo blend from Tactile Fiber Arts at Stitches West. Only two ounces of it. In a spinning frenzy, I spun it up - half on 28th I think and the rest on the 1st of March. Then I worked out a pattern I wanted to knit. A shawlette. I only had roughly 400m of yarn. I used the Rose Trellis pattern from Barbara Walker's first Treasury of Knitting Patterns along with a ladder/faggoting stitch. I even made a chart up! (But I have to finish editing the chart and show what I did with the last few rows). Even more amazement - I crocheted the edge to make something like the side edges and it sorta even worked! (That was the nine hours of edging for 200-something stitches - glad my handspun was up for the workout!.)

The final result?


I am quite pleased with it :-) It could be bigger - it only measures roughly 70cm (28") long by 1.2m (say 48") across. But it was fun to knit with the colour changes. I actually tried to spin it to blend the colours by stripping the top, spinning it up and plying one end against the other end of the top. Ha! It only worked in one spot (you can see the result at the edge). I think I prefer it striping than blended.

The tips really flare out like a swallowtail's wings.

I used a modified flower/rose pattern in the last few rows at the cast off edge. It would've been handy to have another 8m of yarn but life is tough then you die.


Plus I finally finished spinning the 4oz of merino tencel in a rather purple sunsetty cloud colourway. I am very pleased to have finished it. I was very over it and if I had not managed to break a couple of strands in snapping it (I was totally unable to break it when I wanted to - like blasted acrylic! - but when it snagged around my finger? Hardly even noticed it snapping) I would put the stuff on my website to sell. It is not the colour, I just don't think I like stuff with tencel in it, certainly not 50% tencel. I didn't enjoy knitting socks with that much tencel either. But the merino bamboo was very nice!



  1. The shawlette is lovely, Lynne! And I'm impressed that you developed the design yourself.

    We're making a quick trip to California April 12-27 and I'm planning to go to Bobbin's Nest on April 18 for the launch of Cookie A.'s book Sock Innovations...maybe see you there?

  2. I love the colour changes, subtle yet really defined. You are clever to amke the pattern too!!

  3. Lovely! I like swallowtail wings :)

  4. Thanks for the compliments :-) I am pretty pleased with the outcome.


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