I am a rain magnet

G'day all!

After all my fussing about getting out on the bike yesterday, what happens? Every time I'm ready to go, a shower of rain falls! So I sit down for another hour and guess what? Another sprinkle!

Now you might think sprinkles of rain are fine but I wear glasses. I do not have windscreen wipers for my glasses and I cannot just blink to clear them (though wouldn't it be cool if I could?). If it rains I can't see. If I take my glasses off I can't see. Given this is the Land of the Car, not being able to see crazy drivers is detrimental to my survival.

OK, I could get in the car and drive but where's the fun in that? Cycling is much more fun! And it is good for me. Driving is not particularly good for me.

So I walked to get the shopping yesterday. That is No Fun At All cos I then had to carry a bag back and wheel my trolley lolly lo back and it was HEAVY!

Today? Where do you think the ONE rain cloud within 50 miles on the radar is sitting? Ah yuh! OK it isn't actually raining here currently but it is awfully threatening. Please rain, go and bother someone else for a while. Thanks!

I realised I have not yet finished with the Stitches haul.

Get a load of this all ye spinners.

That would be 3 kilos or 6.6lb of rambouillet cross fleece from Judy's Novelty Wool (no web presence, is in Centerville Utah).

It is to die for.

Look at those locks! (I have big hands and those locks are over 4" long.)

There is one more pretty to go of the Stitches haul and it pleases me more than the rest, mebbe not put together (and cost more than anything else too!).



  1. Now that is a gorgeous fleece!

  2. Gorgeous fiber and so much of it!

  3. Well, yucky weather! It's so foggy in Exeter today you can't even see the donkeys in the paddock closest to the house.

    Glad to see the fleece DID make it home with you!


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