G'day all!

Today was such a nice day until I tried to book us some tickets to the other side of the US. Nathan has a week off at Easter and we hatched a hairbrained scheme to visit half a dozen friends over there.

"Tickets - $218 return!" trumpet the websites.


They say tickets are available but by the time you manage to get all your details in, gosh darnit, no more fares at that price! Nope, how about these more expensive fares?

Where I come from, that is called bait and switch. And it's illegal. Suck them in with cheap prices then make the item unavailable and offer one that is more expensive.

I have spent four hours trying to find cheap tickets. I've used three different "cheap tix" websites, two of which said here are some cheap tickets, oops, they're all sold out! (I'm talking to you, Expedia and Priceline). I've looked at three different airlines.

So I am peeved. I wanted to get a hat done so that I would've made lots of stuff this month but now I am running a bit behind. I could've planted out some new seedlings I bought today. Or the seeds. But instead I've been wrangling stupid websites that do dodgy thing.


Here's a pretty picture instead of grumping, taken on our trip up Mt Hamilton on Sunday. Must get the rest of the pics online.

Lupins, most likely natives.

And if anyone has any idea what this one is, we'd be grateful! I didn't get shots inside the flowers (it was on a bank on the side of the road and was too high) and have no idea what it is.

PS. Finished the hat just before 11pm :-) That makes two tops, a shawlette, a hat and a pair of socks, and about 140g of fluff spun up, all this month. As long as you don't mind me casting on one of the tops on the 27th of Feb that is....


  1. Try Virgin America - they have some pretty cheap fares right now. (I think American and Southwest do as well.)Sometimes it's better to go directly to the airline.

  2. Yeah, those ads are such crap, aren't they? Really maddening! I agree that it might be better to go direct to the airlines, but you may find it's the same story.

    The lupines are really see them all over California in the spring. The other pic is hard to tell...maybe godetia? Pretty, anyway!

  3. WEll Done with the projects,bad luck with the tickets,they were selling the,one way from Perth to Sydney for $169 a month ago!

  4. Thinking about it last night - yes, bait & switch is illegal here, too.

    The way they get around it is using words like "starting at only...", "as low as..." and "from..." as long as they offer at least one at the lowest stated price, they are off the hook.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions and comments, y'all!

  6. this is a wild guess, but i thinkthat second flower is bleeding hearts. and the ticket thing STINKS!


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