My very own sock club

G'day all!

Like quite a number of others, I have jumped on the Personal Sock Club (PSC) bandwagon. (Maybe we need a Ravelry group. Maybe there is a Ravelry group. No there does not appear to be a Ravelry group. So again do we need a Ravelry group? And you know you are addicted to Ravelry when you read a newspaper headline saying "Revellers head to..." as "Ravellers head to...")

On Friday I did the first drawing of the club.

First I pulled the baggies out of their bags - one bag was eliminated from the draw cos I saw into it by accident (I was looking into it to make sure no other bags were in it as it is one of the bags holding the club socks) - and popped them into the barrel (aka my trolley lolly lo).

Some people might be fussed that the bags are all different - does everyone have a memory like my husband's where you never forget? - but I set this up a month ago and the only thing I remember is some STR is in the red bags. The rest are a total mystery! As for the bags not being sealed, well I don't have to peek!

I rummaged around and pulled out this slightly sad bag with this month's lucky sock yarn and pattern!

Gosh it is bright!

And it is only one skein. Which sent me off in a rampage through the yarn collection for half an hour - checking here, checking there (we only have a one bedroom apartment mind), pulling boxes of yarn out... then I checked the sock yarn bags and there it was! What was it doing marinating in the stash exactly where it should've been if it was not with its mate in the PSC!

The yarn is Reynold's Soft Sea Wool in a colourway unlikely to be seen again (unless people pester me for sock yarn in that colourway). Y'see when I get dyes new to me, I tend to play with them and one way to play is to just dye some yarn up with the unmixed dyes. I prefer to use CMYK dyeing (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) as I get much nicer purples and greens that make my heart sing compared to RBY primaries. So this yarn volunteered to be dyed up in a lurid colourway.

The pattern is Shimmer Socks by Meg Croft. It is a pattern designed to help overcome the tendency of hand-dyed yarns from pooling or striping.


Mine is certainly striping! That was my progress by yesterday morning. And now that I am already working the heel, can I say I am not happy witn the enormous flash of yellow on the top of the instep? But such is life. I'd prefer the pink and blue striping that happened for most of the gusset, except it happened on the sole side not the instep. D'oh! Anyway I seem to be fairly enamoured of these socks cos I can't stay away from them. But I want to try a new pattern on the leg cos I think it will look fascinating with the yarn.

I call them the Eyesores :-) They certainly will make some peoples' eyes bleed!

At the same time, well not the very same time, as working on this sock, I have been working on the mystery purple thing I showed the other day. The fronts are now done and I've started the sleeves.

Then I have to knit up and get a Shop Sample done and paid for by 4th April, when my work permit expires. I thought They (the people who deal with this for us paid for by my husband's workplace) were doing something about it but no they weren't until we prodded them last week. Suddenly I have paperwork to complete and have to get two pics of myself (done but they look GHASTLY because the cretins at Walgreens said that the most important thing is to get the background white which means I look like some sort of ghost with violet eyes and skin, being pale and all, and my hair is straw yellow like a realllllllly bad bleach job - I think I will try elsewhere and write a snippy note to Walgreens saying it is not good enough and I want my $8 plus tax back!). It has to be couriered to Canada. Anyway, I wish I had realised nothing was happening somewhat earlier....



  1. Good luck with the permit.

    The personal sock club thing sounds like a great idea - I'll have to try it.

  2. I think the sock club is part of this group.

    It sure is bright but its cute too.

  3. Love the dye job!! Fantastic colours and that pattern works really well.


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