The Birds, revisited

G'day all!

Thanks to all those who commented on my Hey Mooch! :-)

Last week, as I've mentioned before, I went for a ride up the Los Gatos Creek trail (I've blogged a whole heap of pics at my other blog). I thought it would be very pleasant to do a little knitting whilst sitting by the lakeside.

Little did I know of the horror approaching me!

It seemed friendly enough:

Pretty curious even.

It brought a friend. The friend was pretty bored - it seemed to be saying "Let's go, love, this is dull! You brought along a snack but I didn't!"

Then another friend showed up

And some more
(Don't you love the feet on these coots? Blue and black stripes)

and another

and a few more came to join the party.*

Let me tell you that I was really glad that not all of these ones saw me sitting on that park bench, swinging my legs (bit of an erosion problem on their part, not mine!). There is nothing quite like having several hundred hungry birds all running at you at the one time. Heck, 10 geese are plenty!

One particular goose was bolder than all the other birds

She came closer

and closer

and closer yet.

Who knows what horrors were being contemplated by this birdy brain and reflected in those beady eyes.

What emotions churned in that birdy breast....

Or where those sturdy legs and feet were taking their owner next.

But she didn't get my shawl!

(*No I did not feed the birds but I was silly enough to feed me 8-)



  1. Oh! I'm glad you didn't get hurt. Those are CANADA GEESE my friend and they can be mean.

    (I'm actually sort of being serious... it hurts to get bitten by one of them)

  2. Oh noes, geese can be evil!! I was menaced by them as a small child :-D (tis true lol) Luckily I haven't developed a phobia of them!

  3. Great goose pics. I think you were brave to get so close; geese can be mean. (They say turkeys can, too, but ours are nothing but sweet.)

  4. Geese can be mean. I did get hissed at but she was very clearly not going to attack. I've had a flock of geese attack but a friend bent over, put out his "wings" and hissed right back at them, and they ran away! LOL The 100-odd ducks that all came running at me years ago were pretty intimidating too.


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