FO - eyesores

G'day all!

I have an FO! And I finished another item today. I am calling this the month of knitting - so far a Hey Mooch, now these


Next the shop sample and hopefully a shawl of my own design by the end of the month (plus maybe a chemo cap for a friend, don't hold your breath though!).

So the Eyesores are an adaptation of Shimmer Socks by Meg Croft. I did mine toe up and also adapted the pattern so the yarn loop thingie goes in the other direction.


If you look closely at the right sock, you will see that the loop yarn varies from background colour to background colour - the loop is pink on the blue yarn and vice versa. You can see the changeover point. But only on the right sock. I started the left sock in a different spot on the yarn and also the pattern is different and it seems to have affected that bloopy (lucky) weirdness.

Details on my Rav page. Since it is waaaay late and I have to go to bed, I shall leave you with pics of my Eyesores.







  1. Ah the vagaries of knitting. You think you have it licked and then it comes back to kind of bite you. I like the Eyesores: not enough green for me but I appreciate their colourfulnes!!!

  2. Where are my sunglasses?


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