Rainbow finito

G'day all!

I thought I should share with you the finished result of the rainbow Mini Mochi socks.




Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace, colourway 101, dyelot 1 (though the two socks from two different balls are not the same)
My own pattern.

I will dig out the hand drawn pattern I figured out (on the back of something I picked up at Stitches, must find the paperwork!) and produce a nice chart I might even write up a pattern. I have discovered I hate writing up patterns cos I have to be very clear and I describe every step and then it ends up being pages long and possibly too complex to work out! I also have discovered I don't like my socks to be too complicated (despite what I have in my ravelry queue - you oughta see the fantastic things people have thought up!) cos socks are for knitting on buses and trains and are things to take to social knit gatherings. I don't want to have to think too hard about them. I can sit at home and be quiet and think hard - I don't want to go out and be quiet and think hard.




I am very pleased with the socks, even if the foot of one is slightly shorter than the other (but one of my feet is slightly shorter than the other too). I am going to be brave and see if they machine wash ok. It says they are machine washable. I stick a bunch of my machine washable socks in a lingerie bag (aka a fleece washing bag 8-) and do all my washing on the gentle cycle in cold water. I only ever use hot water for fleece or when something is really greasy/yucky. I also only use the tumble drier when things have not dried in a couple of days of hanging on racks - at home I use the washing line as much as possible and do not have a tumble drier at all!

(in the cloggie things Yarnhunter gave me)

Next I was going to do a personal sock club sock but the Lisa Souza easter egg* yarn is calling me. Lyyyyynnnnne, knit me! Kniiiiiiiiiiit me! You know you want to! So I've spent half the morning charting a pattern for the foot and have to figure out the one for the leg. I reckon it will be fantastic. We shall just have to wait and see.

What else is on the needles?
Does this give a clue?

And I've played with the sewing machine a bit too.
What do you reckon this is?

And the spinning madness continues. I've discovered that I much prefer merino/silk or merino/bamboo to merino/tencel. For some reason the tencel blend is annoyingly variable in drafting - the fibre length seems pretty random and it tends to break if you accidentally overspin and the take up takes up abruptly (eg when I've just sat down to do a little spinning).

Now if only the big black clouds would go away so I can get out and ride - I reallllly need some groceries, not just fripperies but basics. It's been a week since I did any shopping.

Finally, a pic for those of you wanting spring :-)



  1. Oooooooo, love the Mini Mochi socks, Lynne! And the pattern is really gorgeous...I want!

    We're home again, after the flight from hell. Everything fine here and kitties SO happy to see us.

    Too lagged to do much knitting, except to continue with the Hypoteneuse Wrap from Anne Hanson at Knitspot, using the lovely Ash-colored Swish DK yarn from KnitPicks. Knitted on this a bit on the plane, too...very relaxing pattern and looks good, too.

  2. ohhh very rainbow brite love them!
    pattern is great and I love those shoes.

  3. I love the socks! Would really like the pattern :)

  4. I love the socks - I'd also like the pattern, please!

    I thought of you yesterday when I saw someone will a cool wheel-along bag.


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