A SPECIAL Offer For Aussies only

G'day all, again!

This offer is only available to Aussies in Australia. Sorry, sending any of this O/S is just too complicated (and expensive).

I am reducing my sock yarn stash. Yes, you hear me aright! I am reducing my sock yarn stash for Australians only with yarn that is hard to get here. I figure soon I can go and roll in new to me sock yarns. Given that I have no money to buy it, I'll just have to pull it off the shelves at the LYSs and roll in it there....

I have ONE skein of Vesper self-striping "Fire in the Sky," with yellow, orange and reddy pink stripes. It is a bit oversaturated in the picture at the bottom of this post. $25 to the first bidder. (I think I swapped this yarn for something for Kellie so I think it is ok to sell it)

I have ONE skein of Mountain Colours Bearfoot in Huckleberry, bought in March this year. You can see a picture of it here, along with the TWO skeins of Spruce Nature's Palette in the same photo which I am also selling. Neither of them are shown well in the pic - both are quite dark and beautiful yarns. The Mountain Colours is $25, and the pair of Spruce are also $25.

I have ONE skein of Tofutsies in yellow, blue and green, as seen in this post (scroll down). Note you get a whole NEW ball of yarn because I was one of only 4 people in the world to ever find a knot in their tofutsies, and not only did I find one, I found 3 in about 10 metres. So a new ball of yarn for $25!

I have ONE skein of Cherry Tree Hill in reds and almost gold, sorry no pic. It is not a bright in your face red but more muted. This lot is $25 too.

SOLD I have TWO skeins of Lorna's Laces sockweight in Georgetown (mauves and greeny blue and blue). $20 for the pair. SOLD

If you are interested in any of these yarns, please don't beat around the bush. I am not trying to force them on you, I just have to have them packed in two days if noone wants them. I am leaving here in five days, so you can see why I need to have them gone or packed....



  1. For someone who is totally under the gun, you sure are devoted to your yarn and fiber priorities!

    I'm amazed that you are still posting regularly and I'm worried that you'll drop off the Internet for a long time while you get re-settled over here.

    I'm getting quite excited for you!


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