G'day all!

Today I went and did a whole lot of things that were OUTSIDE the house! There is still a world out there!

My car now has a roadworthy certificate - Gibbering will be happy to hear that. I have 30 fewer skeins of saleable handspun yarn (plus the ones that are ok but not noice that I put in the building fund box). (I have one 25g bag of Black Diamond to play with. Ooops.) I have half a carful-less junk that the Brotherhood can sell through their op shops. (I bought 6 small knitting pamphlets. Oops.) I have NEW glasses! Hooray for new glasses! They feel very different to the old ones, including the way my vision bends at the edges, plus they have little side thingies that I can see.

They are pretty good though I reckon and are a good colour on me.

(Haven't I got one helluva squint? Plus I have pretty bad bags under my eyes - 24/7 stress isn't good for me!)

My private health insurance (Aussies have publicly funded health care which we whinge and moan about but hey it sure as hell beats the pants off the US "system") can be suspended for up to five years as long as I pay two months of premiums every two years (2 plus 2 plus 2 equals six but never mind). I have private health insurance so that I can get treatment quicker and have some of the extra costs met. If I wait for public health to treat me, I am likely to wait say two years or so to get a knee operation done or to get a filling....

My friends gave me a voucher for BAAG for my birthday. I finally got something I wanted:

Cool huh? Three way graft with two of Nathan's favourite fruits on it.

Oh and I can download pics again! Hooray! I have to prod the computer to do it, it doesn't just happen any more but I can at least get stuff off the camera now. Hooray!

On less happy news, we are now going to push our flights back if the visas don't arrive tomorrow. They should arrive but if they don't we don't want to keep sitting on a razor's edge waiting waiting waiting...



  1. I am just in awe that you are still posting. I would be breathing into a paper bag right about now.

    Good for you. This is fun!

  2. Oh Oh! I want one of those trees!


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