I am The Scream

G'day all!

You know that picture "The Scream"?

Well that is me. I have parcelled and boxed up most of my yarn and fleece, then what do I find?

A secret cache by the couch.


I am cleaning stuff out. I have taken about a thousand balls of yarn to the charity bin, and tomorrow I head for the op shop with a heap more stuff cos we filled the bin up. Oops. Hope the old ducks enjoy knitting cos they have enough yarn now.....

I have nearly got the fibre room cleaned out but it still looks a mess cos it has a huge drift of empty boxes in the corner and a lot of bags hanging around for "just in case>" I've kept waaaay too much stuff for just in case." I blame my mother in particular for the "waste not, want not" outlook on life that people who grew up in the Depression and WWII have. It is a very good outlook but honestly we have so much access to consumer goods now that it is hard to not fall into the trap of waste not, want not with all the stuff that is so easy to buy.

I'll try to do better in the US, assuming we get the visas.

Anyway, back to screaming. Every time I think I am getting close I find more crap to deal with. Hopefully I will have gotten rid of enough crap that I won't accumulate more. I must say it is very nice being able to catalogue my yarn and fleece now that I have reduced the stash of yarn by a LOT! Even some fleece has gone to better places, or at least places that will use it more quickly than I will.

And yes, as Jessie suggests, I am unlikely to be blogging much after the move, at least for a while since I will probably be reduced to blogging from internet cafes. And why am I still blogging now? Cos I need to wail at someone who isn't Nathan. I've been working for about 6 hours on the one room, and it still isn't cleaned out. Sigh... I really need some knitting or spinning time. Instead I now have to go and weigh and estimate metrage on a HUGE bag of handspun that is going to the guild tomorrow. Must make a list of the gazillion things I need to do tomorrow.... argh, it never ends! Being trapped in a tin box hurtling across the sky for 15 hours on Friday sounds like a really good rest at present!



  1. Hang in there!! :) Hmm, wonder if there's internet at the libraries in Ft Collins... :)

  2. from what i understand, every library has internet. it's just a matter of what their user policy is. omaha recently converted to only card holders (you can get a temporary card, as well). go check it out when you get there!

  3. Just a little while more and it will all be over!! Breeaathe :)

  4. Your doing well,we ll be still here when your ready to return to blogging

  5. It sounds as though you're getting there with the sorting. Well done. It probably always looks more than there is when its spread out, so you're doing well. I'll do my best to try selling your yarn in the gallery!


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