G'day all!

Waaaay back in the mists of time, I did picture knitting as we called it back then. I were a young un then. I was enthusiastic and desperate to avoid doing cables again (I did them on my first jumper). Picture knitting was all the rage and I wanted to be trendy.


Fabulous, no?

I was going out with a dark-haired guy at the time, though he was shorter than me, and I thought it was a great jumper! I believe I actually knitted it in the colours specified (let's, ahem, face it, I only had a couple of colours I could reasonably use for the faces) and have the feeling I got bored with the black things on the sleeves and left them off one of the sleeves altogether. Some of it was done with a gazillion little bobbins of wool, some was done by duplicate stitch. Anything that was only one row or column thick was done duplicate wise.

You can see the ends woven through the knitting. Crufty, eh?

I like the way the grey waves on the back look vaguely like the Sydney Opera House, even though I am a Melburnian and Sydney is the Enemy!

Then in the late 90s came this emu.

I still like it. It isn't wonky, honest! It is just the way I laid it out and photographed it. I don't like the hole a mouse nibbled in the cream part - heck, hope I haven't thrown out the yarn to patch it with! You can see a closeup of the emu plus hole here.

Finally, I give you cutesy cats.

Look at the Cheshire, looking just like a wallaby or a very small roo:



  1. Wow, that's ambitious intarsia!
    Still no visa luck? Feel hugged!

  2. what pretty kitties! their coats look very soft. :-)

  3. I love that last tummy picture!

  4. Anonymous7:59 pm

    I looove your emu sweater!

    Happy knitting - without the mouse help,
    janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca


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