waiting waiting waiting....

G'day all!

We are waiting for the post to arrive. He normally comes between now and midday.

Waiting waiting waiting....

(If the post arrives with visas, I guess we are all GO GO GO! But if it doesn't we have to delay our flights some. V.annoying but we'll have more time to get everything done here.)


edit 16:56 13 June 2007:
No mail, well nothing good, only another bill :-( No special delivery late this arvo either. Sniffle. There goes my chance to get to Estes Park this year for the fibre festival.... we were "promised" the visas in two days (plus one day for delivery), probably deliver in 2 years....

edit 21:07
Not only are we not going to be in the USA this weekend, but I've lost my new mastercard, the one that is replacing my perfectly good visa card. Plus I've lost the pin. Plus I hadn't signed it yet.... Joy all round. I think my head is going to explode from worrying about it. Someone put it in a safe place but can't remember where that is.... And I have three over due library books. That is going to cost us a whole 60 cents!

Oh, for those who think I am handling it well, you are not in my headspace watching me be as inefficient as possible, and you don't get to see the blubbering. I am soooooo disappointed words can't express it.


  1. Anonymous12:36 am

    I hope those Visa's turn up sooner rather than later!!
    I admire your resilience, I'm sure I wouldn't have it so together in the face of an overseas move!

  2. Oh dear, waiting like this sucks! Is there any way you can find out about how long the visas are going to take?

  3. i am sorry you are having so much trouble with the visa's i will send good vibes your way.

  4. The waiting is the worst. I hope it is over for you very soon! Deep breaths and a good cry never hurt anyone. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

  5. Don't ya just hate all that waiting around to get lots of stuff done that needs to be done? I have moved overseas before, so I'm feeling more of your pain than you know--LOL! Now, I just hope your Visas turn up soon! You'll probably cry because they finally got there! :)


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