G'day all!

What a busy week! I've hardly had time to knit or spin - the best times have been whilst reading email, believe it or not, and that is main cos our connection here is kinda flakey and sometimes takes a while to load a page (especially since my yahoo account is based on an English server, not a yankee one).

So far, I've been to Lambspun and My Sister Knits. I would show off pics of my first purchases but for whatever reason I have not taken any yet! (Probably because I am unsure about downloading pics onto a borrowed laptop.) I would show pics of knitting too but again, I've not even thought about taking photos! I have been taking pics of sunsets thought.

I fear my next purchase is going to be some Sugar N Cream to make a dishcloth with - we had a dishrag here but suddenly it has disappeared and we only have a tea towel. The tea towel is for drying dishes (and hands), not for wiping surfaces and I am danged if I am using paper towel to wipe benches with.

We hired a car yesterday. We had been told none were available, but one just so happened to have come back just before we wandered in. The place we hired from has open ended contracts - they don't know when we'll bring the car back. We don't know either, except it is costing us a HEAP cos we don't have local insurance. Basically we are paying almost double the usual rate. Eeek! It is going to be expensive and we don't have a lot of moula at this stage. Still, we are very very mobile!

Today we go look at the scratch and dent bike sale. THese bikes are a bit shop soiled but mechanically sound. I figure that bikes get scratched up (though hopefully not dented cos that could make them unrideable!) so why pay full price when you can get a bike chepaer but ready scratched? We also will be looking at some more places to live.

Nathan is now thinking we should get an apartment that is cheap for three months ro so, so we can get all the stuff we need. Only problem with that is we might be stuck in a little box for some time, since rental season seems to start around nowish. He is still wondering if we should buy a house here. That really depends on whether I can get a work permit. At least I now know how to apply for one, though I don't know the address to send the paperwork to (yet) and we don't yet have a cheque book cos it costs $180. Hopefully we can bot a cheque off someone to pay for it.... (we pay the person back the money!) Godsakes, this whole process simply gobbles money! It is making me feel twitchy....

Must get a wriggle on - we have LOTS to do today - more places to look at, bikes to buy (speaking of money), people to meet up with, stuff to print (I think Nathan may have to go into work for a little while to do some printing and copying of stuff).



  1. why in the world would checks cost $180? is it because you're not citizens? my checks are free, with a savings account and a checking account, neither of which have a minimum balance. perhaps you need to look for a different bank?

  2. Remember that there will be students hitting the rental market again later in the summer (depending on when the semester starts)!!

  3. $180 for a cheque book - and we thought Oz banks ripped us off! Ours, when we had to pay for it, was $10!! Now it's free! Yes, that's right, nix, nada, nyet, nothing!!

  4. $180??? OMGCB. Good luck with the house/apartment hunting and bike buying!!


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