Uncertainty still reigns with less than a week to go

G'day all!

In less than a week I expect we will be in Colorado. FREAK ME OUT!

But we don't have the visas yet. We may not get visas. This means we don't go. But we most likely will get visas. But it is possible that we won't. They have our passports and the rest of our entry documents too.

Makes it very difficult.

Today we are having a little house cooling. I have so much to clear out of the loungeroom, but we have the study almost clear now. The study suddenly seems spacious, now that the stereo with its huge speakers, the two sets of hammerlock shelves, the lounge chair and most of all the JUNK have been moved out. It is now our swap space and the space where we can sort out what we really want to take with us. Assuming we get the visas.

I have the feeling that I will have to dump some of my fleece with friends and family, and when they come to visit they can bring along some of it with them, like a couple of largeish ziplock bags or something. Posting stuff across is just Too Expensive. (eg 3 kilos, which is admitedly a LOT of fleece or yarn will cost over AUD60.) I'll check out a local excess luggage mob but really is it worth sending there or should I keep it for later?

It's been an interesting week here in Oz. On Tuesday, a B-double truck decided to take on a train at a level crossing in country Victoria. 11 people were killed, not including the truck driver (who is facing a number of charges). We are jealous of Sydney again, where they've had lots of rain, and there's been even more rain 100-200km north of Sydney, where there are floods and a number of people have lost their lives, plus a coal tanker is aground on a beach. Swells are runnign at about 18m (say 20 yards). Those are big waves, dude!

Then there's me, running around like a mad chook, terrified and a little exulted, snivelling over the cats, heart rate up, worrying worrying worrying, allergised out of my nut (house dust mite is my biggie and boy have we been moving some dust recently!) to the point where anti-histamines don't work but the weeniest puff of ventolin allows me to breath again.... Nathan has been plugging away at things too. The father of one of our house sitters has been very good - he is retired and is enjoying having different handyman things to do.

Time for brekkie, then a big lounge clean up. Then I might pick up my new glasses and get the roadworthy certificate for my car.



  1. You are doing so well in the face of all the uncertainty!

  2. I agree, you're doing really well. I think the idea of leaving your fleeces here is a good one, as it gives you some to work on as soon as you get back, and those that make it across the seas with your visiting friends will be like new treasures, and it will give you leeway to check out those US fleeces. All good.

    And well done for clearing out the room. Onward and ... onward!

  3. I wish I was closer(in Viccy) to give you a hand! Youll be right just plug along!!!!

  4. Breath Sweety, breathe. I've sent you an email. ;o)

  5. We do have a lot of good fleeces here. Did I say anything about Black Pines just east of Ft Collins? Lovely stuff.

    A week! No time at all!

  6. I'm so sorry you're leaving fleeces behind! You're a lot stronger than I am; I don't think I could do it! *grin*

    By the way, if you hit Colorado and start tossing around words like 'brekkie' and 'chook'...well, good luck to you is all I can say! *huge grin*

    Welcome to America...I hope your move goes very smoothly!

  7. I know how hard it is to move...especially so far away...i had to do a reverse hemisphere move once from the States to New Zealand...so I get. I also feel for you and the yarn choices...but we do have alot of yummy things here so it won't be too bad...really...promise! Hey, look at it this way maybe you will be able to meet some of us, blog knitters here...I promise you will not be left in knitting, spinning, fiber and yarn limbo! :-D

    Speaking of yarn...I got my prize! OH MY GOD is it ever fantastic...took it my group tonight and everyone was like "where did you get that? the colors are great!" I will be posting about it on my blog tomorrow...thank you so much!

    Welcome to the U.S.!

  8. It sounds like you are doing really well, despite not knowing about those darned visas yet (hurry up already US consulate-place!).


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