G'day all!

Ah still fun and games here. We are moving stuff out of the house and into the garage and also to Nathan's parents' place (someone asked why not to my parents' place. Umm, well they don't have one except for this little plot of dirt out in the Lilydale Memorial Park under a rose.... not much storage space there! But it does have a nice view of the Dandenongs).

Still no camera progress. Quite annoying cos I keep forgetting to get Nathan to download pics.

As I clean out more and more stuff, I keep making discoveries. Mostly they are nasty discoveries, like I have a LOT of stuff that I really don't want, I have a LOT of stuff I do want, and I just in general have a LOT of stuff. I really don't know what do to with some of the yarn I have (and I still have to fix up the cottons with three people!). Most of the pure wool went to the Uniting Care bin yesterday, just before I was asked about it. Mostly it is single balls of yarn and leftovers from projects. Even so it was an ENORMOUS bag. It would've filled a shopping trolley. I have another load to take up that is just as big of the acrylics and blends and stuff I don't want and quite honestly I don't think others want either. I just don't have the energy to do anything else with it. I figure that the charity it is going to will either sell it or give it to the old ducks in the nursing homes they run to knit and crochet up.

Other discoveries are that Nathan has a LOT of stuff. Stuff that I really can't deal with, rather than stuff that simply overwhelms me.

Sunset is now the earliest it gets I think. It actually moves back later for the shortest day. Weird, huh? It is sunrise that is still creeping in a minute or two every few days.

Back to fussing. The construction stuff. I am forgetting about it for the nonce. I got the shelves painted and lacquered and the books reinstalled - that will do for the time being. Plastering? What is that? At least we moved a whole trailer load of boxes to Nathan's parent's place last night, along with some new shelving to install in their underhouse space (we don't do basements in Australia - such a pity, but places on hills tend to have storage under the house).

Knitting. Alas, my poor knitting is only proceeding at about one repeat of a 12 row pattern a day at present, but it is good stress relief. The yarn I spun up the other day reveals a certain degree of tension...underplied and overspun!

Tomorrow the new windscreen gets installed in my car. Then we go to get our backs cracked. Then we take the car to be serviced and roadworthied (so that he can become Gibbering's car). Then we go into town, visit Consumer Affairs Victoria to get paperwork to fill out for renting the house (we figure we need a formal rental agreement, modified to outline care for the cats), drop our stuff in a locker at the station and then go to the US consulate with our visa stuff. After the visa interview we grab the bag from the locker and go pick up the car and go home and then think about doing Crafties (weekly gathering of friends). *phew* (wipes brow)

Here's a little vote for you. Am I a wuss for being terrified by the move or am I brave for actually being determined to do it? Leave me a comment, not that I can award a prize at this stage - too many other things to do, sorry!

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, or the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow is almost in view now. Once the visa stuff is done I'll be a bit more settled (and more flighty too, LOL). Once I've cleaned out the fibre room, I'll be even happier!



  1. Oh dear,I couldnt call you a wuss,Id be terrified too(or I was, simply with the move to WA,cut off by the desert from all family and friends)
    And really I think you are very brave for sticking with it determined to win all and get there with your sanity intact!

  2. I would be having the willies scared out of me, I couldn'tleave The Labradors, but Life is short and you should embrace every opportunity. You have Nathan too, so it's a group challenge!!!

  3. You are both. :)

  4. Neither or both. That's the kind of move that would scare the willies out of me. Heck, I moved 3 miles last year to my folks' house and was terrified. I can't imagine moving whole continents. Yes, you are brave for being determined to do it. It is a big change and they are normally faced with a mix of fear and excitement. You'll be fine!

  5. Definately brave as it's such a big move - I'd have had a breakdown up now!! Great sunset shots!

  6. Don't you mean sunset is the latest it gets? :)

  7. There is a saying that courage is not doing something fearlessly but doing something in spite of your fear. So that's you: courageous!

  8. Bravery is doing something despite being terrified, so you're probably both! I think a better word is 'adventurous'.

    I seemed to be doomed to move house every five years at least, so I have kinda got used to it, but I've never moved interstate or overseas. The former doesn't scare me, but the latter sure would! Especially if I moved to a place where people spoke a different language. (I'll leave it up to you to decide if you're going somewhere where people speak a different language or not.)


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