Hooray for information!

G'day all!

We now know how much stuff we can take with us. 2.1 cu m, or 75 cu feet.

When we worked out how much that is, the best way to describe it is imagine a large refrigerator. yep. That is how much can come with us apart from whatever we have in our luggage on the plane.

Crappity crap crap crap! I am going to have to put a lot more stuff in storage than I imagined. Hopefully Nathan's parents can take stuff like our bed - we can't take that!

I have to contact various peoples about yarn - I am terribly behind at present but at least I know how much I can take (and have a good idea of what I can't take with me too!).

Then we have the expensive part at the other end - finding a place to live with no references, setting up home again - we'll have to buy all our electrical appliances, a bed, furniture (though I am thinking renting furniture might be a good idea), more bedding/linen. I'll take our crockery/cutlery with us I think to save a little money and hassle. At least we won't need summer clothing!

Need I say that every moment of every day is filled with dread? So much to do, so little time to get it all done in. So much stuff to get rid of. Panic is not the word for it.

OK, peoples are due around for a working bee, mostly outside but they will take stuff to the op shop, to the tip, do inside stuff (like paint our bookshelves in progress - hooray!) - gosh do we have a bit to get done too! I can't believe how much crud we've developed in the last 18 months here (or more like it crud we have not gotten rid of since our last move).

Hopefully after today I won't have to worry about outside the house, only inside, like what to do with the vast amounts of yarn and fleece I have. Some will just have to go into storage - I don't want to fill up our entire volume of cargo with fleece and yarn (even after putting it in vacuum bags! Then there is the stuff that is not even on my shop site yet - I have some fab stuff but have not had time to get it online (and we still have to download pics on the laptop, which only Nathan can do since I don't' have an account on it).



  1. You won't need summer clothing??? Late July and all of August is often over 32C and often over 38C for the daily highs... Or were you meaning you wouldn't have to buy summer clothing??

  2. Take deep breaths and be very calm!! In the end, it will all work out!!! Good luck!!

  3. I was wondering the same thing Kristi was! And if you're renting, you probably won't need to buy appliances - those usually are included with rentals.

    When will you be here?!

  4. Look on the bright side!!You'll be great at organising a big move at the end of it!!!!!

  5. I know how crazy things can get. I (only sort of) moved to another country in two days. Of course, hardly anything went with me and I only had to drive across the boarder! Good luck with your move! Don't stress too much, it will work out in the end.

  6. Oh my...good luck!

  7. Oh you poor thing. Just sort out what you absolutely can't live without (be ruthless) and then think about how exciting and new this adventure will be for you. Think of all the wonderful new crud.....errr, I mean goodies you can accumulate while you are over there. I envy you (in a good way). How exciting!!
    Wish I could come and help for a few days.

  8. I moved from the UK to the USA with about the same sort of allowance (I was intending to stay 2 years - this was 10 years ago). I took my bedding, music, sewing stuff, and kitchen stuff (crockery, pans, cutlery, utensils). I took photographs, pictures and some ornamental stuff to make my rented place seem like home. I also took some of my favourite books for comfort.

    Things like sheets and towels are pretty cheap in the US, but they dont typically use Duvets so I took my hypoallergenic duvets and covers. I took most of my clothes, and chucked the stuff I didnt take; you wont want it if you havent worn it for a few years.

    I didnt rent furniture, but wish that there had been an IKEA here when I moved here. Check whether there is one near where you will be because their furniture is cheap and OK.

    The hardest time for me was the first few weeks when I had almost nothing in my house - some of the big furniture took 6-8 weeks to arrive and I sat on the floor waiting for my sofa. I also didnt know where to go for furniture, what shops were nice or good quality. (Now I like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Crate and Barrel, as well as IKEA).

    Finally - get skype on your pc so you can talk to home easily and cheaply...


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