G'day all!

I am packign up some yarn to bring with me.

Do you think I have a problem if I want to bring more yarn and more fleece than bedding, clothes, kitchenwares, books (my knitting and spinning books of course!), etc, etc?

I have several jumpersworth of yarn (one for nathan, about 5 for me), a HUGE bag of sock yarn, like I mean about 40 pairs of socksworth, random yarn that I love but doesn't have a plant for it (about 4 kilos of that!) and yarn that I can't bear to leave behind.

Hoo-ston, we have a yarn addict!

Then there is the fleece. I've been poking around online and whilst the US has lots and lots of different fleecey sheep, it doesn't have the fleece *I* have, the fleece I picked out in person, the fleece that called to me, singing my name, spin me spin me....

One thing that is nice about squishing my yarn into vac packs - I was reminded today as I bought a MOST be-yoo-tiful fleece from Wendy Dennis (I wish you could see it - staple of 5', silvery/oatmealy/greyey - but then you would want to roll around it in and wish you were a sheep so you could enjoy it all year round!) - is that when sheep are shorn, their fleece is checked, skirted lightly, sorted and pressed into wool bales. A wool bale is not that big but it has a LOT of fleece in it. I remember reading about someone who had a bale of fleece and opened it up, and the, what bit over a metre cubed?, bale of fleece basically expanded to fill the room.... LOL!

Am I still panicking? Do fish swim? Is the Pope a Catholic? Deep in my core is always a little voice screaming. You oughta see our place. It is pretty much knee deep in Stuff, whether it is rubbishy stuff to be thrown out, woolly stuff that I am sorting out - keep, take, turf- stuff to keep on renovating the bathroom with or the hallway's plasterwork that needs to be put on and plastered up properly.... (Of course Nathan did invite friends around tonight without bothering to tell me so I had not tidied at all... but nor had he!) My only way of coping with it is to Get Things Done. So I pack boxes of books or I paint the shelves in the hallway or haul loads of rubbish to the tip and bring back mulch (danged expensive now too - three loads of dumping or greenwaste and three loads of mulch have cost us $110 this time around. Could be worse - we could have paid $150 to just dump stuff *and* get the car bogged!). Driving is good - I don't panic when driving (unless someone does a hairbrained thing on me but that is different). Spinning is pretty good. So is knitting, but y'see they are not getting me to the point of having the house ready to go into storage. So I have to Do Do Do!

(BTW, I meant in my last post that I do not need to buy more summer clothes - we've just done a very unsatisfactorily hot summer here, so I am hoping I won't need more clothes! I will however need winter clothes - we don't do good winter clothes here, but they can wait a while!)

At least I need panic less about the front yard. We have two loads of mulch for it now and yesterday's working bee - what dudes! They cleared out the Bad patch and planted half a dozen fruit trees. I have to plant more but they broke the back of the hard work so well!


I *realllllly* need to clear out as much of my hand-dyed yarn and also tops/laps/fleece as I can. Pity I don't have it all listed eh?

Whatever is listed on my websites, please make me an offer. Offer what you think is a reasonable price on any of it. If I really am moving to the USA by the 15th of this month, yes THIS MONTH, ie in less than TWELVE days, I really can't take all the hand-dyed yarn with me. I don't want it all! I have too much commercial yarn and even undyed stuff that I am taking with me!

So make me an offer. Please! I will be listing more just as soon as I can get Nathan to download the pics (no I still don't have an account on the laptop) and get them edited and described and online. I have about a kilo of tops and laps dyed in various colours - some quite tasteful (eg a lovely dusky grey with purply and mauvey bits) to heart stopping yellow/peach/pink. I have light blue and green dyed fleece that ramps up to bright aqua and green in places.. I have deep blue and purple dyed laps. I have a fair what of gelati coloured tops. I wish I could show you the pics....

anyway, if there is anything listed that you like and want, make me an offer!



  1. Crikey it must be bedlam there. I wish I could wave a magic wand and get everything done for you and ship everything you wanted with do worries about packing etc. And you still manage to post on your blog - take it easy Wonder Woman! Hope everything goes well for you all.

  2. Yowza - have you lot given up sleeping yet?! PLEASE do give Kristi or I a call when you get to Ft Collins - I will be in Ft Collins the 17 - 20th am. And we might be driving over to the Brown Sheep outlet store in Mitchell, Nebraska... :D

  3. Ah yes, we can hook you up here with some good sources for winter clothes. Plus, those weigh a lot and are bulky. Better to bring more yarn and fleece instead :-)

  4. What do you mean you bought more fleece??????

    I resisted going to the knitters expo, as I have far too much yarn and fibre here already, and I knew there'd be some great temptations.

    I'm sorry I can't help you out with your excess yarn, but ... see above.


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