argles - a quicky

G'day all!

Well I've completed my three days of work for this week and guess what?

They want me tomorrow and would like me on Friday the way things are going. But if I have to do 5 days of wrangling slow connections and sitting waiting for files to save I am going to go MAD! (That should read EVEN MORE INSANE!) So I will do four days a week but not five. No way, no how. (This means of course I'll end up doing six...)

I am off to an SnB tonight. I promised I would go, though my brain is done for after three days of wrangling Excel and copying and pasting info.

No pics - no time. Sock doth continue though. Almost ready to turn the heel.



  1. Looks like the new work likes you! Maybe a little too much huh? It's definitely a good idea to set some boundaries though because if you don't they'll walk all over you!

  2. Thank goodness you have mountains of yarn to keep the insanity at arm's length. You're obviously doing a great job - good on ya.

  3. Anonymous6:00 am

    Yay you! Remember though - don't be afraid to say "no, sorry, I've got a prior appointment that day" every now and then so they don't take advantage of you and fry your brane.
    Been trying to email you re: mumblyness (I've survived 1 week so far, you can too!). Let's chat.
    P.s. big news of day for me - my Maximum Staple Length has officially past 1 metre. Gawd.

  4. Oh, just thinking of that slow connection is making me cringe. Hang in there! Do you escape to knit at lunch to fight down the frustration?

  5. Keep rockin' it, woman! Of course they see what a great worker you are...sorry, though, that it's taking away from knitting time.

    (Really, what is it about this whole "actually produce work for pay" issue they have?)

  6. Glad to hear they like you at work. Too bad about the slow computer though.

    See if you can sneak some knitting to work with you and knit a row or two while you wait for things to process. ;)


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