A miracle! Or three

G'day all!

Much less grumpy today. Partly thanks to you guys and partly cos I've been busy you see. I've been writing resume and stuff for the job app. I've been knitting. I've been digging in the yard. I've been talking to people about a temp role for at least a month for three days a week. I start work on Monday (miracle #1). I won't bring home even half what I used to but it is a start!

Recently I finished my skeining warp board thingo and skeined up a 17 loop of yarn. Then I tried dyeing it.

Then I really wanted to knit with it to see how it came out. So here is something I started knitting yesterday morning when I was feeling fussed.

Ooops. I finished it. I could've knitted a whole sock in a day if I had tried harder. (Miracle #2)

It would've been quicker if I had not decided to put a snakey cable up the side and cably bits for the ribbing.

Miracle #3?


The newspaper was at the front door.

Usually the newspaper is lurking in the garden or on the path or on one memorable occasion was in the back yard, having bounced through the gate. They put it through the window a while ago and it had to be replaced....

Miracle #4 will be if I actually knit a second sock. I am feeling pretty inspired!

Wanna see my new best friend? LOL I love it! It can reach *everywhere*!



  1. COngratualtions on the job front! - I am hoping for one of those miracles myself, so maybe the luck will rub off!

  2. Congratulations on your miracles. The job thing is good, but the sock is great!

  3. I am so glad you are having a turn in luck (or miracle?) well done hope you have great weekend!
    My day off tomorrow,yippee,off to the wool shop to get the xmas knitting supplies.....

  4. Mice sock. Is it 8ply?? Or 4ply?? I can do an 8ply in a day, but a 4ply? That would be a miracle indeed!!
    Happy job!!!!
    I love it when the paper makes it inside the Forbidden Zone, I don't even have to go out the gate then!!

  5. Yay!! It got better. With miracles no less! I loved your picture with all the arrows of where the paper gets tossed. Everywhere but where it should be no doubt! Good luck on Monday - hope it's great!

  6. Glad you are feeling better and that there is income on the horizon.

    Looks like you've had a good miracle or two.

  7. Wow - good for you! Hope you get that job :)

  8. good luck on t he temp job and getting the regular one. feeling a bit better now that the boy is home?

  9. Pretty pretty sock! The cabley bits are nice. And I'm glad to hear you have some work, even if it's temp.


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