G'day all!

Only one sleep to go before the Boy is back! He emailed yesterday and rang tonight to see if I am picking him up from the airport. Sigh. I have to be there not long after 7am. The airport is on the other side of town, and I have borrowed the FiL's car cos it has a toll way pass and petrol in it :-)

My poor darling husband is currently bored out of his wits in the airport cos he has a 7 hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur. diddums! He didn't exactly pull out all stops for me when I returned from my trip.... but he will get a surprise when he ambles in the door tomorrow. I've been tidying up. A miracle! I've been vacuuming. Less of a miracle - not really a miracle at all. I do tend to vacuum a bit cos the hallway and loungeroom carpet is green. He won't notice the dust, except on the piano and I've told him his piano = he cleans it once in a while.

No knitting took place today. None whatsoever. Or yesterday. I have been extremely busy. I did make yarn but you have to wait for pics of it. It is lurid and stunning, if I say so myself.

Okelly doodle, I must be off cos I have to do the dishes and thence to bed - I have to be up by 6am to get to the airport not long after the plane lands. Knowing my luck, the plane will be early. That is good though cos then we pay not much for the car parking, rather than $15 cos I was there for 1.5 hours last time....



  1. holey cow! when i picked my mom up from the airport 2 weeks ago, i was there for a little over an hour, and it cost me $3 u.s. how does that translate into aussie dollars?

  2. Glad to hear things will be returning to normal. You've been unusually chatty on the blog (I like it, I like it) so I guess once your man is back, you won't need us to talk to anymore...:-(

  3. Be vicarious... the Ally Pally haul is ready for your perusal! ;-P

  4. Looking forward to checking your colours out!

  5. Yay! He's on his way! And cleaning? What ever got into you??? Ha! JK!


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