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G'day all!

Just a quick one tonight - I am whacked and have forgotten what I was going to talk about after waiting for ages for blogger to load. Blogger is being naughty again at the moment - half the time I go to comment it says Error 500 (better than the dread 404 - page not found).

So I got a parcel yesterday, still have to do photos of my ISEIII scarf. I think you do need to see more pictures featuring the new colour I have been playing with:

DK/8 ply



Mauve with the new colour in a DK weight. I really like this combo and if noone dares make an offer on it I might keep it for myself. It reminds me of part of the skein of cobalt bloom STR I have.

Anyone got any ideas about what the new colour is? Noone has gotten it right yet.... I have watermelon already, Cathy, and it is either a sorta blood orange colour if used full strength or an orangey colour used weaker.

As for the little competition, I think I will have to put all the correct entries into a hat and pull out the winner. Plus I am creeping up on 2000 comments, so I will have to find something nice for that commenter.

In today's good news, Nathan was happy. This is good cos he has been flat as a tack and a pain in the butt (as unflat tacks are wont to be if you sit on them). He had a job interview today. One interviewer was underimpressed by the lack of suit but the qualifications for the job do not require a suit - they require a good working knowledge of Unix/Linux administration and considering Nathan set up the standard operating environment for the department.... He will be working half time as a sysadmin at uni next year, which will be *excellent* cos with his post doc position, he should be getting amore than double what he is now. Hooray!

Work is. It is tedious and boring but it is money and that is good. Apparently I work too hard. Well there you go. I was considered to be a slacker in the last role.

Finally, happy halloween for those that will. It has never been a big thing in Australia cos it is hard to imagine winter nights closing in just after you've started daylight saving. Can you think of any other holidays that we don't celebrate here? (Guy Fawkes Night for one cos they BANNED fireworks after stupid fool boys discovered what happens when you light a sky rocket and point it at your face - Darwinian selection in action there folks, but the rest of us now miss out.... grrrr)



  1. Very nice dyeing, it has a pearl kind of sheen. It's competitions all round today!!!
    We don't do Thanksgiving, May Day with the tanks and soldiers or any of those days where they carry a saint's statue on their shoulders through cobbled streets!!!

  2. I LOVE the chocolate hibiscus colorway! How much yardage is in that?

  3. Oooh pretty pinks! Just happen to be knitting with something very similar, they all look great.

    Congrats on the job news N! And you a slacker, no way never! You are so well rid of that company :-)

  4. Ooooooh I like that laceweight!!!
    You have me stumped on the colour....

  5. Your colour looks like cerise, yes? Beautiful, by the way - congrats all round for it.

  6. Is the colour Wine? It lookes rather Grape-y. Either way I love it! Almost edible!

  7. Reminds me of red raspberries.

  8. It could be some sort of red :)

    Glad to hear about Nathan's job.


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