The best and annoyingest things

G'day all!

Thanks for the support re job. I must do my resume! Must make it nice. Must make it look like I am an ideal candidate for the job.

No new pics today. Someone forgot to put the spare batteries in the charger (cos she was charging batteries for DH for the mp3 player and the MiL's camera). Ooops. However, I do have some old pics to annoy you with.

I did get some shots of four bags of yarn I want to sell on ebay before the batteries died. I found old batteries with enough charge left to download the pics. I got some pics ready to put on ebay. I registered as a seller on ebay. I did this and that. I set up the first entry on ebay following all the hints and tips it is telling me.

"You have errors," ebay tells me.

Like yeah, I have my problems but honestly how does it know? It is only ebay.

"Selling function not available," it says.

Hmmm.... looks like I am an ebay doofus or it just hates me. After going around and around and around 4 times now, I must just be a doofus. Of course it doesn't bother to tell you where the errors are, it just wipes out parts of the stuff you have chosen (like I put in the different postage costs for different parts of the world and it happily deletes everything but the costs every time I try to fix it).

Ah well, at least the cat likes me. Nutmeg is on my lap purring, belly up and kneading the air as I rub her tummy. I think the word is blissful.

And it is not scorchingly hot today. And I ate some produce from the garden last night. I decided I didn't want it to go to seed along with the rest of the garden (including the weeds which are still managing to grow!).

Can you guess which it was from these two veg?

It was surprisingly sweet and yummy. I hope it is not the reason why I have a gut wobble today. I rather think the gut wobble could be more to do with me watering the pots last night. We have a rainwater pond/tank that has been rather well fertilised by Nathan effectively adding a bag of cow manure to it. We are pumping that water out for the garden and the pots. I have to water everything by hand. Anyway, the hose and the spray end thingy bit decided to part company last night. They parted company by spraying water at 250psi all over ME. I'm standing there in my impromptu pooey shower trying to keep my mouth shut rather than yelling "UGH! YUCK!" (which is of course exactly what people want to yell when they get sprayed with poo water). I run around and switch the pump off after dumping the new outdoors shower in a pot.

The pump is off but water is still coming out. Not as hard as it was but still coming out. It is quite clearly tea coloured water. I'm covered in it - my clothes are dripping, my hair, thank goodness I wear glasses! - but there are only half a dozen pots to water. So I water them, then go and turn the tap off. It seems that once given a start, the water will siphon over a 1.5m high wall as long as the hose end elsewhere is lower than the water level. It's just that I thought the back yard was a bit higher than the front yard - maybe there is not as much difference as I thought.

Nutmeg has decided to sit on my lap. How peculiar! She hasn't stayed on my lap for ages - she hops up for some pussy pleasuring (how many google hits will that garner me?) and moves on after five minutes or so normally.... Hmm, if she is going to keep on farting like that, she is welcome to move on!

Well I guess I will do another webpage for my stash clearance yarns. I reckon I will do a flat rate per 100g including postage for Australian buyers, a different rate for Asia/US/Canada and another for Europe (mainly cos it costs $4-5 extra to post stuff to Europe/UK). I doubt that I'll sell anything but I am going to try!

Oh, you want to know what the best thing is not having DH in the house?

Actually there are a few but this is the best thing.

(some of you with delicate constitutions/sensibilities need to skip this part cos it mentions the dreaded word TOILET)

When I visit the smallest room in the house, aka the dunny, loo, toot, toilet, etc, I do not have to wonder a) if the seat is down and b) if I am going to (this bit is censored but I reckon you can guess.... it goes along the lines of "we aim to please, your aim would help").

Another best thing is the dishes. Instead of enormous monstrous loads of dishes every day, it is a load every two days. Ah. Lovely!

And I don't have to fight with the husband and the cat for a bit of the bed to sleep on, just with the cat.

I would say I can watch whatever I want on the telly but I can anyway. I can knit or spin as I choose, so that is no big luxury. I can read books - now that is a luxury cos as soon as I lie down in bed, the boy latches on to me most nights and it is really hard to read when someone is being amorous at you.

Speaking of watching what I want, the other day I went into a local entertainment shop and discovered an extra special special. Last time I looked, they were charging $100-$110 for these DVDs.

Not this time. See that? It screams pinkly, "I'm cheap!" Brucey-baby, you are never cheap. And I had to bring you home with me cos I didn't have season four until then. (Does it freak anyone else out to know that two of the five actors on the cover are dead?)

The other night, Cheshire was sitting in a funny position. She was reclining like a human would on a chaise longue. You can't really see it in the picture.

Turns out she was leaning on a ball of sock yarn. I would've found it uncomfortably but I guess she is a cat. You can see lots of bits of socks around in that photo. There's one commercial sock toe and a few other sock toes/yarn/associated odds and ends. That is as much of one of my knitting spots as you will see, cos I have not tidied it this week and the floor needs vacuuming after being attacked by the alpaca I have been spinning.

Cheshire is being a pain in the butt. She wakes up at first light and starts mrowwing and stropping the carpet outside the bedroom. She isn't allowed in the bedroom cos she will mrow right at me and strop whatever is handy, likely me. This morning she just kept on going and going, like a kid having a tantrum. So I booted her out. Problem with that was twofold - a) it was hot inside the house so I wasn't ready to reveal myself to the world, and b) it reinforces the behaviour cos she likes going outside....

I think I will shut up now. Can you tell I have noone to ramble at at the moment?



  1. It would be nice having the freedom of no DH but boy I would miss not having him around.

    I think the broccolli is from the garden but then again we are still pulling carrots from last years crop.


  2. Yes, we all like to think Bruce was never cheap, but some of the films he's made since then tell another tale!! I was only talking to MrsDrWho about G'Kar and Franklin being dead(and Grey 17. We discuss that a lot!!) Have just bought the entire farscape DVD set!! They had B5 as well, damn, it would have all matched, that's really important, the matching of spines!!
    Oh the KittyCats look so sweet together!!
    Hope there are no further composting repercussions!!!

  3. it's ok, honey, you can ramble at us

  4. I'm going to guess the broccoli is from your garden beause it looks like my Mother's did this year.

    I hear your lonely. My Mr. works 12 hour night shifts for seven days and the only people I have to talk to are two toddlers.

  5. Ewwwww re: the watering experience! Sounds really nasty.

    Heh, I just talk to the cats. Chaos is a pretty good conversationalist - when he can tell I'm talking to him, he will chirrup in the pauses. :)

  6. LOL,I bet you made a speed record for the shower when you finished!
    I found this early summer that the bath/washing water on the flower bed in particular the roses that I have been nursing along(original ones)has made a big impact,I actually cut 6 huge perfect flowers off a couple of days ago(hot winds) and they throwing out more now!Its very mild today so I may geta another lot before the real heat hits!
    I bought the BFL from a seller in the UK,I payed about $152 for 2 kg of white!I am hoping it will be fine as I didn't realise that it was classed in fine medium etcI think it will take about three weeks to get here so I will make sure the wheel is empty!

  7. heh, the kitties remind me a lot of my girls - especially the waking up at first light part ;o) They are so cute there snuggling up to each other and Cheshire all stretched out!


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