Diddly done

G'day all!

Well I survived my first day at work. I was totally clueless for half of it cos I have no idea what I am meant to be doing if I am not told to do stuff. I did Stuff and they were happy with me. I will throttle the computer I use there though cos the server is in Queensland and I think the packets travel by snail between us and them.... Two minutes to save files. ARGH!

Anyways, what do I have to talk about? Hmm, well blogger is being painfully annoying. It keeps falling over in a heap. Like it has now when I *reallllllY* want to get to bed. I spent the last day of freedom cleaning the house - it took four hours to get the kitchen, loungeroom, bathroom and hallway relatively shipshape. Plus two loads of dishes (DH kept bringing more out for me to clean), two loads of clothes washing and one fleece filled up the morning. I wanted to make the place nicer cos the MiL was coming around as the FiL is interstate (at his parents' place, and my MiL has no great love for her MiL, and vice versa) and we thought we should entertain her. Well I was no fun cos I spun LOTS of yarn cos I was feeling twitchy about working. But we did get quite a nice lamb roast cooked. I even ate some BROAD BEANS! (They were quite edible as it turned out cos they were young beans not the horrid ancient rubbery sacs my father used to grow.) MiL said she did not want to watch a certain program cos it was dull but she sat and watched the whole thing and said it was interesting. LOL Space Race. All about getting man (not woman!) into space....

Anyway, I did so much cleaning that the Dyson's power head stopped working. The red light of doom and despair replaced the happy green light of whirling brushes.

Any guesses why? It would not have been anything to do with this pile of stuff I pulled out (including one whole tuft of tops I had combed up.... and no you are not able to click the pic - do you really need to know what sort of fluff you would find on a spinner's floor, a spinner with long hair and two cats?)

It was quite odd working today. Commuting is not something I've done for ages, but it is so familiar it was like putting on a pair of old shoes. I saw an old workmate at lunchtime and had a chat - she is such a lovely person. She's one of those people that you wish you could be like cos in your little heart of hearts you know you are really a scoundrel and she is an angel (or something).

Good thing for the day? Getting about 30 rows of the socktoberfest sock done. I only have 8 days left to get at least one of them done. No pics cos I got home after 6pm (ack!) and it was not light enough by the time I had calmed down enough to take pics.

I have made progress on Icarus, well I did on Thursday and Friday last week - I did all that from the lifeline onwards.

Do you like this pile of tops?

I decided that I wanted to do some subtle mauves and greys. I almost succeeded!

OK time for bed before I fall off my perch here and Nathan has to drag me to bed.



  1. I'm glad you had a decent first day of working! You are getting lots of non-work stuff done, too - Icarus looks great, as does the mauves'n'greys you dyed.

  2. The first day is done! It's all downhill from here :)

  3. Congrats on surviving your first day.

    That last roving is beautiful!

  4. I love the yarn.
    I clean the head of my dyson every time I empty the barrel,
    yes, two cats keep it busy!
    Congrats on the work.

  5. Glad the first day went well!! Yep, my vaccy bag is full of dog hairs!!!!!

  6. My two cats keep our vacuum pretty busy as well. Love the tops. Gorgeous colors!

  7. Good for you, Lynne. Getting on top of cleaning, working and dyeing as well as some knitting. Very organized! Hope the job goes well - remember part-time is great.

  8. glad to hear your first day of work wasn't horrid. they can be sometimes. and i love that top! now, if only i could afford shipping from australia, lol

  9. Congrats on surviving the first day of work

    Oooh that fibre is a gorgeous colour!

    Icarus looks gorgeous too!


  10. Hoorah for work, glad it went OK (server timewarp notwithstanding). Our Dyson doesn't have a posh red light but it did stop picking up last summer when we were on holiday. Turns out it was blocked up with mainly hay :-)

  11. Glad to hear you survived the first day!


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