Hey ma, hey ma, my (husband's) back

G'day all!

Well Nathan arrived home yesterday. The conference went well but no job offers this year. I think last year someone exceeded his authority in saying they wanted to employ Nathan. He said he felt great (except for a sore hip from being jammed in a much too small seat for much too long). Not tired at all! Four hours later, he was dead to the world for hmm, four or so hours. Then I had to deal with Messrs Tired, Hungry and Grumpy. Today he is off to uni and life returns to normal. It is good to have him back for when he is awake he sometimes even replies to me and looks at pictures of kittens and stuff.

Unfortunately there is no party, even though my (husband) is back. Not yet anyway. I have to wait just over two weeks for party but that is my party. We can't afford a party but we'll work something out.

The cats were very pleased to see Nathan, and Cheshire rolled around on the ground lots doing her best impersonation of a kangaroo

and giving the come hither look

(which is just So Wrong I am not going there!).

I am feeing rather trepidatious (is that a word?) at the moment, and am actively having to fight off a bout of being down in the dumps. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. One of my sisters has split up from her husband and he is being a total (insert word of choice here) and making her life a misery (though that is just a continuation of what was going on before that). I thought he was a good bloke but I am totally pissed off with him at present and what he is doing to my sister, and I just do not know what to do cos I can't even afford the two tanks of fuel I'll need to go visit her.
  2. I am about to turn mumbly. Mumbly means in another mumbly I'll be 80.
  3. I am starting to doubt that I will reach 80. I am seriously worried that climate change is going to happen quicker than we can remediate the problem and that the human race is screwed *and* will take a whole lot of other species down with it. I want to run around and kick butts and jump up and down and screech but it won't help any.
  4. We have had no rain (despite what the rain radar said last night) for two weeks and it is October, when we should get over 2 inches of rain (that is good for us).
  5. We are running out of money and I need to get a job but I don't wanna. I'm a big girly wuss. A job would be good for me and I am trying. I'm just scared that I'll end up in the nuthouse because of work.
  6. I have to write the world's best resume to try to win this job (which I doubt I will but you gotta be in it to win it!).
  7. I have a huge box of lovely dyed yarn to sell but it isn't selling. I should list some more yarn on etsy and my shop. I should advertise it more.
  8. I want to buy yummy sock yarn and either dye it myself or buy it already dyed. I want merino tencel - we don't get that here. I want Koigu. I want stuff from Brooklyn Hanspun or sunshine yarns or any of about 300 sock yarn pushers, oops, purveyors (that should be perv-eyors) on Etsy (I'm getting one lonely Sweet Georgia skein soonish). I want to buy heaps of blue face leicester tops and dye them up and spin them and make other people happy with the stuff I've made.
  9. It is tax return time. Need I say more?
  10. I just want to be able to wave my magic wand and make everything alright.

It makes me feel like one of these:

(a galah sitting on top of a powerpole outside our place. Galahs are not at all stupid but have a reputation for being rather silly and dumb.)

or maybe this:

(a rose growing in our see-through shed - it stuck some buds up last week and this week it is showing off very prettily indeed. It is another David Austin rose, a recent release here. It is stuck behind a polycarbonate wall - it can see the outside world but can't affect it.)

So what have I been doing? Trying to write this blessed resume. I am blessed with wonderful skills. I am competent at pretty much everything I want to do or put my hand to, so why the hell can't I write my resume and sell myself? Because one thing I am not good at doing is selling myself or my stuff. I am not a salesperson and I lack the motivation to make myself into one.

I did a bit of dyeing recently. Here's some pics of some recent dye jobs:

This is what I am calling a cobweb weight yarn. It is extremely fine - much finer than laceweight. There is something over 700m in that lot, I think over 800m. I am charging $15 for it. That is Aussie dollars, so about $11 US or 5 pounds in UK terms.

100g of yummy greens - some yellowy bits, reminds me of grass that is becoming hay. Meadow hay. Mmmmm. This would use a 3mm needle for socks, or a 3.75 to 4mm needle for hats or mittens. $10 for that lot.

Next time I have to show you a different lot of dyeing. This lot is sorta self striping but not. It is waaaay cool. In 45 minutes this morning, I knitted a toe from it and started on the foot. It is galloping along I tell you, absolutely rocketing! (Don't ask me about Icarus - I've been doing so much manual work recently that my hands are rough as guts (which are actually very smooth - I've handled them) and they snag the laceweight yarn.)

Oh, those socktoberfest socks? Four rows of them are done. That is I found the toe of the socks I started to knit from my own self striping yarn in April and discovered it had been ripped back somewhat cos it wasn't on the needles so I've finished the toe again.

Finally, a shot of the sky yesterday afternoon at the treacherous sky started to cloud up and promise to give us rain. It didn't.



  1. It's easy to tell people to cheer up, but sometimes it's not so easy to do.I often have a Georgette Heyer decline and take to my bed for the day. MrsDrWho always says to think what is the worst that can happen?? It's Catastrophe Therapy really!! The worst is not usually as bad as I think!! Mumble isn't so bad, I think I'm lucky to have made it past mumble!!! Enjoy your knitting and dying and I hope it rains. Glad to hear Nathan is back safe and well!!

  2. I wish I could send some good feelings your way,with the resume,I have been avoiding it too,anything not to have to sit down.I managed one night and just threw notes in,next put them under the right heading!Its worked,I still have heaps to do but now I can see through the fog..
    good luck

  3. To show you where my brain is, I thought that last shot was white fleece.

    I have a small resume-writing business and although it's not exactly cutthroat here in rural Vermont, my feeling is don't try so hard. Let your resume be easy to read and clear but not too fancy. Save the sales pitch for the cover letter and the interview.
    Maybe you can take a little pressure off yourself that way.

    (Looking back at my own post-college resume, when I was freelancing as a copy writer/copyeditor but still waitressing, I discovered I was quite cheeky. My resume actually said, under my name, "Copy writing, copyediting, and occasionally waiting tables since 1990." And yet, it got me jobs.)

  4. I can't wait to see more of that sock! Although, I'm still trying to figure out how to make increases so that my toe up socks look like yours. (For the life of me I can't figure out increase-right and increase-left.)

  5. Well that sounds stressful! Crap. I don't where to start. Except to say things WILL get better!! Just believe it :)

  6. 1. Whether you do it in person or on the phone, the best thing you can be is someone who'll listen and sympathise.

    2. Hey, but it's a good excuse to party with friends.

    3. Actually, you're a heck of a lot more qualified than I am to kick butts.

    4. Yep, it sucks.

    5. Think of it this way: a new job might suck, but then it might not. It might be fab.

    6. Go for it.

    7. Need any advice? I have a qualification in promotion and merchandising and I'm not scared to use it.

    8. Hey, this is a great birthday wish list!

    9. BAS time for me. Blah.

    10. Wave your magic knitting needle, and at least something will be alright.

  7. When I write up my resume, I like to use words that seem big, but are easy to understand. Makes me sound all smart like.

    Good luck with the job hunt. Could be pretty great.

  8. Glad Nathan's back! I hate doing resumes, too. Do you have someone around who can help you with it a bit? Pretty self-striping yarn!


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