Two weeks

G'day all!

The count down continues. Two weeks until I go all mumbly!

No pics today - we had a very interesting if cloudy day with a cool change (and boy is it cool still!) and 2 whole millimetres of rain! TWO! Like that is hmm, a twelfth of an inch! Golly.

At least I got to hear runoff from the roof and the garage running into the water tanks. It tinkles away and is very inspiring....

So I am 2/3 the way up the foot of the second sock. In the last day I have done another repeat on Icarus and am over the 200 stitch mark. Only lots to go! I think I only have to do another two repeats of the first chart - I'll have to check that.

I had fun dyeing stuff. Again. I have to get good pics of it and put it online. I did some cobweb weight stuff in vibrant blues with a touch of purple and gosh I like it, though one skein is bluer than the other. That is the joy of "kettle" dyeing. I did some tops with the remains of the blue and made it mauve with some hot pink, then overdyed it with black and now it is soft mauve with grey. Subtle, surprisingly subtle for me :-)

Tomorrow I take some yarn to the guild to sell and pick up a cheque, if I've sold anything this month. I might buy some more plain tops and maybe (gasp) some brown dye or a different colour to what I have cos whilst I am getting some very interesting colours by mixing, occasionally it might be easier if I knew definately that I would get what I expected to get rather than expecting to get something and getting another entirely different (but hopefully delightful) thing. (I wonder if that made sense?)

I have to go digging through my emails and email various people. Yahoo has swapped over from the dreadfully slow old system to an abysmally slow new system. I get to see 10 email subject lines at a time with a preview window at the bottom. To scroll down the page means that I have to click the down arrow and it has to reload all of the stuff that changes on the page, including the ad and the handy dandy hints. I am on broadband and it takes about 15 seconds to download the next 10 or so messages. I lose messages cos they are 5 off the bottom of the screen and I just can't be stuffed waiting for it to decide to work and actually load stuff. Topping it off nicely, it does not do reply properly any more - it just does inline reply which is CRAPPY! It is getting EXTREMELY tiresome. Slow and crappy. I think they have tried to turn it into a clone of Outlook or something craptastic like that. Next time they ask me to take the survey I will do it and I will not be complimentary! I would swap to Gmail cos I do have an account but I am suspcious of Google's ambition to know everything about the world and about ME in particular. Same with their new thing to provide a basic word processor and file storage online to google account holders. Goodness me how much they would know about me then! Than again where do I blog? On blogger? Who runs or at least is closely associated with blogger? They already probably know anything I've ever said so it is futile to resist being assimilated? Will I be a borg (if so can I be like 7 of 9 except I would like to be able to breathe so no insanely tight corset thing please)?

And I didn't win anything in the Knitty calendar contest. It is pretty obvious why - I sent in stuff that was sorta cutesy and the result of someone playing for too long with their photo editing program (the Gimp) rather than someone being an arty photographer. I was pleased to see that Not An Artist got in though :-) She's a good photographer. I am a so so photographer cos I really can't be bothered getting the perfect shot - good enough will do. That's a bit of an Australian attitude for you.

Sknitty points out that both IK and VK have their new previews up. Gosh, I want to make lots of those jumpers! Ooh, err! What do you like?



  1. maybe you'll make honorable mention! i hear she's going to post those pics after rhinebeck

  2. Congratulations on the job news! And I'll keep fingers crossed for honourable mention for you too.

  3. There's something on its way to you as of yesterday, oh almost-mumbly-one :-D Hope you are on the hon. mentions list for the Knitty calendar! I really like the Arwen cardi from the IK preview, lots of the designs from both look great.

  4. and you know, you won't DIE when you turn FORTY, (there, i said it). i didn't when i turned 40 in april. march on, hold your head up high, and realize you're moving into the best years of your life!

  5. I was happy to see that Not An Artist got into the calendar, too - her photos are amazing!

    Heh, I "go all mumbly" two weeks after you. Deb (of Chappysmom) is three days after you. :)

  6. I liked the butterflies :)


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